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syncing issue - Android

Hi there, I have a weird one. I created 4 or 5 new records on my main computer. One of those records correctly synced to my android but the other records refuse to appear there. 

For the one the synced, I had created a new template for it. For the ones that don't sync, I had modified an existing template (changed a alpha numeric field to a secure number field). This shouldn't be a problem, though, should it?

/BLUSH oh. um. I may have accidentally filtered the list. :) 

Perhaps the selected background on the icons could be square or larger or something for those of us who are observationally challenged? :p

Hi Psider,

It's great to hear everything is syncing correctly and that you were able to find your record on your Android device. When you talk about the background of the icons being colored, are you talking about the icons in the filter bar at the top of the records list?

Yes, the icon colors reverse from blue on a white background to white on a blue background, but I missed this subtly initially.

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