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Apple Password leak notification

I got word from Apple that my passwords may have been in a password leak. Shall i change my passwords in Apple or MSecure?

Hi Dan,

If the password you are using for mSecure may have been found in an online leak, it would definitely be best to change the password for your mSecure account to something strong and unique. It would be highly unlikely that your account would ever be compromised because a thief would need more than just your password, but, of course, it's always best to make sure your account has a strong and unique password that has never been found in any breach.

You can change your password in mSecure's Settings on iOS, Android and Windows, and on Mac, you can open the app, then click "File > Change Password." After you change your password on one device, you'll need to unlock the app on your other devices first using the old password, which will decrypt the data stored on that device, then the next time you open the app, you'll use your new password.

Were you able to make the change to your mSecure password Dan?

This may cause confusion, but a notification on your iPhone that your password was included in a data leak does not imply that your actual account information was leaked. It simply means that your password matches one that was used in a data breach.

@Adrian You are correct, that message doesn't indicate that account information in mSecure was leaked. Are you thinking that mSecure is responsible to show that message in the iOS Settings > Passwords screen?

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