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QR code Invalid (both on Mac and Ipad pro)

Hi I am happy with msecure (i started at least with v.4) on my Iphone (currently 14 pro max) where i am able to use it flawlessly. I have tried on many devices (recently on a mac mini) to install msecure 6 also but everytime i am asked to scan QR code but the response is always the same "INVALID"

I also tried to change password on my msecure 6.1.5 on iphone and generate a new QR code to see if that helps... it doesnt.

Please any advice ?

email of my msecure account is the same as this one here thanks

Hi Piero,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure, but you may be experiencing a long-standing issue where mSecure can become disconnected from your online account. Before we do anything else, can you let me know if you have access to all your information in mSecure on your iPhone? When you open the app, do you see all your data?

Yes On my iPhone it works perfectly thank you

Hi Piero,

Ok, there are a couple of things we need to do here before we do any troubleshooting. First, I need to confirm you're experiencing the problem I think you are. To do that, I'm going to have you try changing the sync feature you're using. Go ahead and open mSecure on yoru iPhone, then tap the menu button in the top left corner of the app. In the menu, tap Settings, then tap Sync Settings in the Settings screen. Tap the row at the top of the list and try changing the sync feature from whatever it's set to to a different setting. Were you able to make the change, or did mSecure show you an error message? If there's an error, what does the message tell you?

Next, I'm going to have you create a backup really quick. Back in the Settings screen, tap "Backups." You should see a list of existing backups, and below it a button labeled, "Backups Now." Tap that button to create a new backup, and then confirm that the new backup is added to the top of the list above.

Were you able to change the sync feature and create a new backup Piero?

Hi Mike and thank you for coming back this fast. Yes I can change to any other sync option and then yes again I could create a new backup Following

Hi Piero,

Ok, this is good news, because if you were able to make the changes to the sync feature, that means mSecure is in good communication with your account. Now we just need to figure out what's happening with the QR code. Real quick, please open mSecure on your iPhone, then go to the Account Settings and choose the option to reveal your Account QR code. Now open mSecure on your iPad and sign in to your account. When asked, try scanning the code you see in the Account Settings of mSecure on your iPhone.

Did it work to scan the code directly in mSecure's Account Settings on your iPhone?

Hi Mike

nope it doest work. says code is invalid and so does say when i try on the laptop (mac)

any idea ?

is there a way i can safely backup my data and reinstall msecure 6 on my iphone "fresh new" to then restore backup and try to see if the magic happens when scanning the fresh new qr code ? i need to ask becuase i m so scared to burn my whole archive of passwrods



Hi Piero,

Thank you for trying to scan the code from the Account Settings. We have a long-standing issue where the app can get into this state, but we're not sure how it happens. It affects a very, very small handful of users, which is good, but we're still trying to figure out what's causing it to happen without success just yet.

The good news is, you shouldn't have any problems making a backup. After you do, though, the only way to fix this problem is reset your mSecure account. I'll send instructions for that in a moment.

The first thing you need to do is create a new backup of your data on your iPhone. Go ahead and open mSecure, tap the menu button in the top left, then tap Settings in the menu. In the Settings screen, tap the Backups option, then tap the "Backup Now" button and make sure the new backup shows up at the top of the list.

Next, just to make sure the backup works, tap the new backup, and then tap the button to restore it. You'll have to enter your password, and as long as everything worked correctly, the backup will get restored.

Were you able to create a new backup and then restore from it Piero?

Hi Mike Sorry for late reply. Yes I was able to backup and then restore my latest backup. Looking forward now for instructions Many thanks

Hi Piero,

Now that you have a good backup you know you can restore from, you'll need to reset your account. After you reset your account, you'll need to reinstall mSecure on your iPhone and delete your database file on your Mac. We'll just work on the account reset and get everything working on your iPhone in this post.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Delete mSecure 6 from your iPhone
  2. Open this link in your web browser on any device:
  3. Enter your email address in the "Email Address" field, then click "START PROCESS"
  4. You'll receive an email with information for the account reset. Read that email, then click "RESET ACCOUNT".
  5. Enter a new password two times, enter a hint to help you remember the password, then click "RESET ACCOUNT"
  6. Install mSecure from the store app on your device - App Store app, Play app, or Microsoft Store app
  7. Open the app and move through the screens until you are asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an account
  8. Tap the option to Sign In using your account's email and new password you just set
  9. After you get to the main view, tap the menu button in the top left and tap Settings in the menu
  10. Tap "Backups"
  11. In the "Backups" screen, find the most recent backup you made, tap it to select it, then tap the button to restore the backup

Were you able to get your account reset and restore from your backup?

Hi Mike Before I start I wanted to make sure that I shall sync with msecure cloud as I am currently on. (See picture attached) Also I see I have several backups which some are on iCloud. With the latest one I did following your instructions doesn’t say where it stored. Please confirmed that I will be able to restore the latest backup not in iCloud even after the procedure you asked me to follow. Many thanks

Hi Piero,

That is a very good observation you made here. When you create a backup in the "Backups" section of mSecure, that backup file is supposed to always be stored in your iCloud Drive. I'm not exactly sure why some of those backups are showing as being stored in iCloud and not, so I'm very glad you caught that. It's probably they are stored in iCloud Drive and it's not getting displayed correctly, but let's have you create an email backup instead just to be sure you have access to it.

In order to create an email backup, go to mSecure's Settings, but instead of tapping "Backups," tap "Email Backup." Enter an email address you have access to in the Mail app on your phone, then tap the up arrow to send the backup. After you send it, check in your inbox in the Mail app to make sure you have it.

Were you able to create the email backup Piero?

Hi mike

Email backup created

shall i start with account reset ?



Ok so i did follow the procedure, backup on msecure cloud, send backup email (received it correctly),  completed account reset and now back to sign in screen. 

I am no able to access my account but WHEN I TRY TO RESTORE A BACKUP it asks for the password that doesnt seem to be working, tried the new password and old password no luck.

I then tried to open the email backup attachment> on the mac it says "This is not an mSecure for Mac file and cannot be opened with mSecure." on the iphone it asks for a password and my most recent one doesnt seem to be working.


Hi Piero,

I'm not exactly sure what's happening here. The backup you created is secured with your old password. That may be the same password as you are using now, since you can reset your account and set the same password as before. The thing to understand, however, is that if you were able to restore the backup before you reset your account, resetting your account has absolutely no effect on the backup you have. A backup is a snapshot of the data that was in mSecure, and it cannot be affected by anything you do in mSecure after the backup was created. That backup is secured with the password you were using before your reset your account..

Since you went ahead of me, I don't know exactly where you're at now on your devices. I can see that you reset your account, but I don't know exactly what you did after the reset. I'm hoping that you simply followed the steps I sent, and if that's the case, you have only worked with mSecure on your iPhone. Is that correct? If you followed those steps, then opened mSecure on your Mac before deleting the database file for mSecure on that device, that would cause issues.

I need some information from you:

  1.  Did you only follow the instructions to reset mSecure on your iPhone?
  2. After you reset your account and reinstall mSecure on your iPhone, did you open mSecure on your Mac? If you didn't open mSecure on your Mac, please DO NOT do so now.
  3. When you open mSecure on your iPhone, what happens?

Regarding the backup file, you cannot open mSecure backup files you are trying to do here on your Mac. The only way they can be used is through the restore features in mSecure.

We may need to go through the account reset process one more time, but I'll let you know after I have more information from you.

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