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Username / Password prompts not working, iPad

I am running the most recent version of iPad OS (17.3.1) and mSecure 6.1.5.  mSecure is no longer prompting with user name or password on my iPad.  I am synced through the mSecure server to my iPhone and Mac, which works fine.

How do I get the mSecure username and password prompts back on the iPad?

This is the second time I’ve submitted this and for some reason, the original request was closed.

Hi Barry,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what you mean here. After you have signed in to your account in mSecure, you will only be prompted to enter your password or use Touch ID to unlock mSecure. You are only ever asked to enter your username when you install/reinstall the app on a device.

Are you meaning that you're not getting asked to enter your password or use Touch ID to unlock the app on your iPad?

Mike, This turned out to be an IOS Settings>Password>Password Options>USE PASSWORDS AND KEY PASS FROM setting and selecting mSecure.  My guess is a recent IOS update remove that setting.  My problem; mSecure was not autofilling username/passwords.

Ahhh, I understand what was happening now Barry. If I understand correctly, everything is working now, right?

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