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trying to login to my account

I set up a Msecure account in April of last year but i did not activate it.  I would like to migrate to MSecure from version 4 which i am currently using.  I believe i have the correct account password (based on my hint) but am unable to log in.  How can i gain access to my account so that I can upgrade?

Hi Kitty,

Thank you for contacting us. If mSecure is not accepting the password you're entering, that means that at least one of the characters being entered is not correct. mSecure simply takes the characters entered, then attempts to decrypt a known piece of text. If the decryption works, then mSecure can see the know text and check to make sure it was decrypted correctly. If not, then it knows the password that was entered is not correct.

Real quick, are you able to open mSecure 4 and enter your password to unlock the app? Are you only having an issue trying to sign in to the new mSecure 6 app?

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