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Updated mac now can't log in

Very frustrated, long time user (10+ years) always paid for major updates, updated yesterday after annoying pop-ups to update and now I can't log in, won't accept password (that I know is correct), trial version.  Submitted a trouble ticket , no response, crickets....  Hey, if your entire life (passwords) is now being held hostage to subscribe to your service then you just destroyed a long time loyal customer that recommended your product to numerous customers the past decade.  

Now my iPad has the same pop-ups to update and after logging in it closes the app once you acknowledge the pop up.  Again, this is my livelihood to be able to log into numerous secure websites and applications and now I can't...

Extremely disappointed.

Somehow (?) when I updated to the new version in the apple app store  it loaded ver. 3.5.6??.  I removed the app and uploaded the new version 6.1.4 from the app store and is working fine.  


Hi Daniel, 

Not sure what's happening with your email ticket, but we try to answer all of them within 24hrs. It could be that we haven't been able to answer it yet, or it could also be that either your email or the one we sent is stuck in some type of spam filter. In any case, I can help you.

We have no known bugs with in the case of Mac or iOS that keep you from signing in to your account after an update to the OS. When you say you can't sign in, what exactly to you mean? When you opened mSecure on your Mac, did it open to a dark gray screen where you're asked to enter only your password, or did it take you through a set of welcome screens where it asked you to either Sign Up or Sign In to your account?

With regards to 3.5.6, there is no way it's possible that 3.5.6 was installed over the top of mSecure 6. That is literally impossible since they are two different apps. I'm assuming you have both 3.5.6, which is the last version of mSecure 3, and mSecure 6 installed on your Mac. At any rate, the good news is everything seems to be working now. Is that correct? Is everything good on your iPad as well?

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, somehow v 3.5.6 ended up on my mac after updating via the apple app store (only because your recent decision to negatively impact the usability with pop-ups).  As previously noted, I've been a loyal customer, paying for all major upgrades for the past 10+ years.  I understand the $ubscription path mSecure is taking, but wish you gave users notice of your actions allowing time to search for other options.  I have concerns with the recent "you own nothing" subscription movement in society and will only support companies that protect ownership/property rights (yes, I bought your product, thus I 'should' own my copy and be able to use it even if you no longer choose to support it, without you imposing annoying pop-ups).

Hi Daniel,

I still don't understand what you're saying. mSecure 3.5.6 literally cannot be installed on your computer from the Mac App Store automatically, because it is no longer a live app in the store. The only way you can download that app onto a Mac is if you intentionally view the list of purchased apps in the store and click the button to download it. macOS does not automatically install apps that are not live in the store. Furthermore, mSecure itself cannot install itself onto your computer. That type of functionality is absolutely not allowed by any OS due to the security problems that could come from it. However it is you have mSecure installed on your computer, it didn't happen automatically from the App Store. It's possible you restored your new Mac from a backup of your old Mac, and in that case, if mSecure 3.5.6 was in the backup, it would be installed on your new Mac. That is the only way I can think something like you are describing can happen.

With regards to mSecure 6 and the subscription model, we did send notifications out to all of our customers using mSecure 5 before the mSecure 6 release was sent out. They are the only once we could notify, because they are the only customers for which we have email addresses. mSecure 3 and 4 did not tie into an account system, so there was no way to notify those customers that an update was coming that would incur a subscription cost.

Also, can you explain to me what you mean when you talk about our decision to negatively impact the usability with pop-ups? I don't understand what that means. Are you talking about the banner you see in the app telling you about the available update when you are not a subscriber?

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