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Renew subscription

My renew subscription payment was rejected because my credit card expired. I updated my credit card in Apple, but now cannot my app from my phone. I tried to renew from your website for the $19.95 normal fee and the $29.95 (which I did not want), but could not succeed.

Please help.

Mal Swanson

Hi Malcolm,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked in our system, and I can see that you have an active subscription purchased through the iOS mSecure app. It's set to expire on November 1st, 2024.

There are a couple of things we need to talk about here. First, when you open mSecure's Account Settings, do you see that you have a Premium subscription? If not, we have to figure out what's going wrong, because you definitely have an active subscription.

Second, are you saying you were able to purchase a subscription through our website? I looked for a purchase in our system with the email address you're using here in the forum, and I was not able to find one. If you did successfully make a purchase, do you have the email receipt that should have been sent to you?

I purchased today a one year subscription to mSecure and used PayPal for payment.  I do not want this subscription to be passively  (auto) renewed in a year via your direct charging my PayPal account.  How do I prevent this?

@Dan Thank you for contacting us! You can go to this link - - and click the option to cancel your account. This will simply cancel future automatic renewal payments, but you'll still have access to the service you purchased for the upcoming year. After the year is finished, your subscription will simply expire.

Were you able to cancel your subscription Dan?

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