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Can't Access mSecure on macOS Sonoma 14.0 23A344


Have just Upgraded to Sonoma 14.0 and mSecure is now bust on my m1 MBP.

Can't log-on - just get the spinning wheel and no access to any OS funtions. Only able to Force Close via another (open) desktop.

This is a) a real pain and b) not very impressive. Lucky I've mSecure on other platforms.

Can you please acknowledge this Issue and issue a time-to-fix asap - thanks.

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Hi Jules,

We have heard this behavior reported by a couple other customers, and we don't know why it's happening at this time. We have tested mSecure on Sonoma, and in our testing, we haven't experienced what you're reporting. Also, we have many other users running mSecure on Sonoma who also aren't reporting any problems, so this is not a global issue in the app. Again, we don't know what's causing it at this time, but if/when we find the reason for it, we'll fix it.

The other user who reported this said that before he could do any troubleshooting, the issue resolved itself. I'm going to have you reboot your Mac to see if that will take care of the problem. Click the Apple icon in the menu bar at the top left of your Mac's screen, then click "Restart..."

Did that have any effect on the issue?

Wanted to bump this as I too am having this exact same issue.  mSecure basically only works about 50% of the time after a reboot.  Which then requires at least 1 or more consecutive reboots before the app spins for about 15–30 secs, then eventually opens.

@Kevin To my knowledge, you and @Jules are the only customers who have experienced this behavior in Sonoma. There may be others, but we haven't heard these reports. I'd be more than happy to try to work with you to figure out what's going wrong. In order to do so, I may need to get information you don't wish to share over a public forum. Can you send me an email at "," and we'll continue this via email? After you send the email, respond here in this thread, then I'll reply to you as soon as I see your post.

@Kevin, thanks for your note. This issue went away on my MBP a long time ago; it's been fine and stable even after the most recent MacOS update.

Thank you for chiming in here @Jules. It's great to hear the issue resolved itself, which is what I figured would happen. I know when I upgraded to Sonoma, I had an issue with my keyboard lagging frequently, and I would have to restart my Mac to fix it. After a week or so, it just went away. I'm not sure what's happening for @Kevin, but we'll do everything we can to get the issue fixed.

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