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dynamic list sequence

What are the list sequence options? Mine shows entries descending by last edit date. Is there a way to show the list descending by last use? This would be whenever the entry was simply opened even though it was not edited.

Hi Phillip,

Thank you for contacting us. There are 4 different ways you can sort your data in mSecure: 1) By Name; 2) By Template; 3) By Date; 4) By Tag. When sorted by Date, you will see the data in descending order with the records that were edited last at the top. There is no way to sort all your data by what has last been opened.

However, you can easily get the last 20 records that were sorted by the last used date by going to the "Recents" filter. One thing to mention, the logic for the sorting in "Recents" does not change the order if the record was simply opened. It will change it when certain actions take place with the data in a record. For example, if you open a record and use the "copy" icon to copy any field's data to your device's clipboard, that is considered a "use" of the record. In that case, the record will jump to the top of the "Recents" record list.

You can view Recents on your computer by clicking "Recents" in the left column, and on the mobile app, you tap the Recents filter in the filter bar at the top of the main view.

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