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new iphone 14pro

 still locked out   I hate online cookie cutter service  nothing is helping 

What do you mean by "cookie cutter" service? Liam, our support rep responded to your issue within 3 hours of you emailing, and he asked you for basic information he needs to start the process of helping you. Please answer his question, and he will continue to help in any way he can. In particular, if you have your old phone still, he will need to know that.

I never saw that message. I read all the topics. Twice. None of solutions fit. No I don’t have my old phone. Why? I erased it. Bought a new one. I can now get in my 14. Not my laptop or iPad. FYI I did try reset PW via the phone.

The reason we ask if the user has their old phone is because if you cannot remember your password, the only way to get access to your information is if you have access to it on a different device. We don't get access to your password, because that would constitute a very large security hole, so there is no way to recover your password. We have yet to figure out a secure method for password recovery, so at this time there is no way to access your data if mSecure is not accepting the password you enter when trying to sign in to your account.

Do you happen to have access to your information on any other devices?

I’ve fixed it. No. Old devices gone and erased. Dead. Thank. You.

It's good to hear you were able to get the issue resolved. Please let me know if you have other questions.

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