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Loading forever

Hi, I can’t access my passwords because the app just loads forever.

Hi Debi,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. You should have no problems opening mSecure on all your Mac and iOS devices. When did this problem start? Also, when you say it just loads forever, can you describe in more detail what's happening? If you have already signed in to your account, the mSecure app should have access to your data locally and nothing needs to load. So while the app may be syncing continuously, which is not correct behavior, you should still be able to see your information. At this point, I just need to get on the same page with you to understand exactly what's happening, then I should be able to help.

One last thing, do you have access to your information on any device?

Hi Mike, if I recall correctly it started on Friday. I believe the app auto-updated (which I enabled on Friday) which may be what's causing this problem. I'm unsure because there's no error/info available. When I say it loads forever, I mean exactly that; all I see is the loader spinning and nothing loads beyond that no matter how long I wait. Screenshot attached for reference. 

Prior to uninstall/reinstall it was after Face ID, and now it's after I submit my password. When you say do I have access to my information on any device, if I'm understanding correctly, I only had it installed on my phone. I just tried on the browser and it appears that nothing is available to me there aside from some brief account information.

Hi Debi,

Thank you for the screenshot. So that screen is the "Sign In" screen, which means you reinstalled mSecure as you mentioned in your last message. I wasn't aware of that before, so thank you for explaining in more detail.

Why is that you reinstalled the app? Did the long loading start to happen before you reinstalled when you would simply need to enter your password after opening mSecure?

One other point of clarification, you said you signed in to your account in you web browser. When you did that, you had no problems? After signing in, it simply took you to your "Account Overview" page? One point of clarification, there is no way to see your data online in a web browser. You can view your account and subscription information, but the data is only viewable in the app installed on either an iOS, Android, a Mac or PC.

Real quick, do you have access to a different device, like a Mac or PC on which you could install mSecure?

Hi Mike, Thanks for getting back to me. As mentioned, I reinstalled because this was already happening when I tried to login, so you’re correct. Just want to reiterate that I believe the app auto-updated which I believe could be the cause of the sudden issue. I could attempt to install and test on my iPad later this evening after work.

Hi Debi,

There should be no problem when the app was updated. At this time, I have not heard of any other iOS users running into this issue, so I'm sure there no bugs causing this specific behavior. I don't know what's causing it right now, but I'll do everything I can to help you get everything working.

The best way forward now is to have you install mSecure on a different device to see if we can get through the setup process and get your data synced in. If that works, then you'll at least have access to your data until we can figure out what's happening on your phone. Please install mSecure on your iPad, and try to sign in to your account. Were you able to do so? If so, did the data in your account get synced in?

I’m still at work, so no I haven’t been able to install it on my iPad. Are there any error logs you can access for my account? If it’s not working on my phone when it was working fine before updates, then that indicates to me that it’s a bug, or at the very least there should be proper error handling so that troubleshooting is more efficient for both the user as well as developers in the future. I will test on my iPad as soon as I can.
Confirming that I already had msecure on iPad and I’m able to login successfully there. Tried mobile again and still no luck though.

Hi Debi,

I'm sorry for the late reply. I somehow missed you responded, so I'm now just getting around to replying.

When you say you were able to login successfully on your iPad, do you also see all your information in mSecure on that device now? If you do see all your information, I think it would be easiest to simply reinstall mSecure on your iPhone and see if you can sign in to your account. Go ahead and long-tap on mSecure on your iPhone and delete the app. Again, only do this if you see all your information in mSecure on your iPad. After deleting the app on your iPhone, open the App Store app and download mSecure again.

Were you able to sign in to your account after the reinstall Debi?

Mike, the frustrating part of this is, I had previously uninstalled and reinstalled and it was giving me the same exact thing, in which you asked why I uninstalled in the first place. The latest uninstall/reinstall worked for some reason but now it says I have an “essentials” account which sounds like it’s the most basic. I had paid for a “Pro” account, which I’m now wondering if this has been downgraded because now I see that there’s a “premium” version in the app. Can you please explain? Clearly, it was a version issue/bug that had been fixed but now I have a version that I’m not aware of. This is a terrible user experience and the fact that it’s taken weeks to resolve is beyond confusing and frustrating. I hope you can understand from a customer’s perspective.

I'm glad to hear everything is working now after the reinstall. We haven't heard this reported by other customers, so I'm not sure at all what caused it. These types of things happen from time to time. Sometimes they resolve themselves, and sometimes something like a device restart will solve it.

Regarding your account, you have a V5 Pro license and that grants you access to the Essentials tier of features. An Essentials account is granted to our users who paid for the V5 Pro license so they don't lose any features when upgrading to mSecure 6. Should you want to make use of any of the Premium features, you would then need to sign up for a Premium subscription.

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