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Data Not Showing in mSecure on Android

We are are aware of a very bad bug in the Android version of mSecure where the data in your records does not get displayed. This is a symptom of two different bugs our developer is in the process of fixing. The first bug was brought to our attention about 2 weeks ago, and it is related to the Cross-Account Share feature. In this case, some users are seeing records with no data after they add various records to shared vaults. The good news here is that if you move the record back to your Private vault, save the changes, wait for about 10 seconds, then move it back into the vault, the other user should see the information stored in the record. While technically a work-around, we're not recommending users do this, since it's time-consuming and a very big hassle.

The other issue is far worse and is related to the Password Change feature. We have created a blog post for this issue which you can view here: Android 6.1.1 PW Change Bug

In short, data is corrupted after the account password is changed. The good news is, we have isolated the cause and a fix should be ready soon in 6.1.3. Many of you may have already downloaded the 6.1.2 update now in the Play Store, and that release was only published to mitigate possible damage by disabling the Password Change feature, all of which is covered in the blog post above.

We're sorry for inconvenience this bug has caused any of our customers. We are now focussing all of our development efforts on fixing the issue for the next release.

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