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can't remember password for my Msecure account

Forgot password for msecure.  I was using face id but got a new phone so face id was disabled.  

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. When you upgrade to a new phone, the Face/Touch ID data from one device is not transferred over to the new device. This is why you have to add your face again on the new device when you first set it up. Since the face information is not transferred, the data stored in your iCloud account cannot be retrieved for mSecure, because the new face information doesn't have access to it. That's the reason mSecure is not able to unlock via Face ID on your new device.

To be clear, there is not an mSecure feature we're talking about here. This is how Apple has designed Face ID to work.

Do you happen to have access to your information on your old phone by chance?

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