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MSecure and Paddle

I didn't know that my M secure was linked to paddle. I thought it was a fraudulent activity so I asked for it to be canceled through paddle. I do not want it canceled but don't know how to rectify this

Hi Lee,

Thank you for contacting us. When a subscription is cancelled, the payment information is deleted from our seller's system. This makes it impossible for me to simply renew the subscription for you. Also, it's not possible to purchase a new subscription when there is already an active subscription on an account, as mSecure doesn't allow for multiple subscription purchases.

The easiest thing to do is simply wait until the subscription expires, because you have already purchased service through March 28th of 2024. When that day passes, your subscription will expire, and you'll be able to renew then. To be clear, nothing happens to your data when the subscription expires. You would simply no longer have access to the Premium features until you renew the subscription.

Will that work Lee?

Hi Mike Thank you for answering back. Yes that will be fine. I was just worried about losing all my passwords and data. I appreciate your help. Thank you so much. Lee

No problem at all Lee. Please let me know should you need further assistance.

Yes.  This situation needs to be resolved 

What situation are you referring to @Martin? What @Lee was referring to is not understanding that mSecure sells it's product using Paddle. They're are online seller. There's nothing here to be resolved.

I canceled paddle not knowing it was for my annual mSecure fees.  I now want to re up my subscription.

@Martin Ok, just to be clear, there is no issue to resolved here. Paddle is the service we use for all sales on our website. They take care of all of the electronic financial transactions for us. It could be that when you originally purchased your subscription that the email from Paddle was caught by a spam filter, but whenever a sales is made on our site, Paddle sends the receipt letting you know the purchase was made for mSecure.

In order to renew your subscription, you can do so on our website - Since the payment information is deleted when a subscription is cancelled, there is no way for me to renew it for you.

Please do let me know if you run into any problems signing up again for your subscription, and I'll help.

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