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Hidden records/plausible deniability


Are there plans to add a feature to msecure that would protect most important records when forced under duress (robber/border inspection when travelling/etc) to unlock the app on mobile? 

Sort of like a hidden volume in TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt and like implemented in some crypto wallets ?

Hi Marek,

Thank you for contacting us about this feature. We do have this on our feature request list, but we don't have it on our roadmap for 6.2, which we are currently planning now that 6.1 was released last week. This is something we have talked about in past development meetings, but we just weren't sure of the feature's necessity.

Real quick, if you could provide some information about how you would like the feature implemented, that could be really helpful. When under duress, if the people trying to force you to reveal information in mSecure new about this feature, do you think it would still be helpful? What I mean here is they may be aware of a feature where certain groups of information can be hidden in the app, and if they did, what would keep them from forcing you to change your account to show all information? I say this, because no matter how we implement the feature, the user will have to have UI that shows them the vaults they have are either travel-friendly or not. In that case, those trying to force the user into revealing information could simply get the user to show that UI, and they would then know a certain vault was hidden or not. There may be ways to keep this UI hidden when in a travel mode, but I'm not sure at this point, because you'll always need a way to make changes to the settings.

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