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Hi Mike,

My annual renewal of mSecure 6 is coming up in a few weeks. I pay via Apple App Store. I noticed the renewal price stays on the discounted £13.49 (UK) for me if I renew. I want to know what would happen if I stopped the subscription for a period. If I went back to the premium subscription after I've stopped it for a time, would I be offered the discounted £13.49 or the full price of £26.99.

I'm asking this as I'm waiting for your family plan to come out and want to decide which to go for.

Good to hear from you Ai. Typically, if your subscription lapses, the 50% discount will not be applied when if it's renewed again. However, since we're in an in-between phase waiting for the 6.1 release, I can make sure you get the V5 Pro discount after renewing on the Family plan.

By the way, we did decide on the discount we'll offer for the Family Plan when you're a V5 Pro user, and that discount can only be applied on our website. Since it can only be applied on the website, it would be good to cancel the App Store subscription any how, though if you didn't cancel in time, we would definitely figure out a way to make the charges work out right for you over the first year of the subscription. Also, the discount will be a flat $1 per month regardless of whether you choose a Monthly or Yearly plan.

I hope that all makes sense, but if not, please let me know and add clarity to any points that need it. Also, I know it's been drawn out more than we had hoped, but 6.1 is really, really close. I'm hoping to get the backend server code uploaded today, which is the first step in the release.

Thanks for the prompt response Mike, appreciate it. Your explanation makes it clear, thank you. My renewal is coming up 12th April, I know you suggested that it maybe better to cancel that and go via your website as you can have more flexibility on how to charge, but I may just stick with the Apple sub renewal. For the sake of £13.49 I find it easier to carry on with the Apple sub, I'll then have a look at your family plan when it comes out to see how best to subscribe to that and if it fits into what I need.

Good luck with the 6.1 release, looking forward to it!

No problem at all Ai! I just remembered something. So far as I'm aware, though will be doing testing on this over the next few days before the release, you should be able to upgrade your Premium subscription to a Family subscription from your iOS Subscription Settings (in the iOS Settings app) after 6.1 is released. The App Stores aren't particularly helpful in much of their documentation when it comes to tying into the App Store for purchases, and it's even more complicated when it comes to subscriptions, but you should be able to simply upgrade your subscription to a Family subscription in iOS's Settings.

All that to say, it will most likely be easier than I inferred in my first response =)

My Subscription was cancelled.  How do I renew my Subscription or purchase a new one?

Hi Todd,

I'm not sure what happened here, but typically the subscriptions get cancelled due to credit cards expiring. If that's what happened, you can simply sign up for a new subscription. now from our website:

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