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New Windows User - How do I synch

I have IOS MSecure 6.08, with alot of data records.  I just installed MSecure on my Windows 10 computer, but see 0 records.  How do I see the data on my phone.  What settings do i need to change on the IOS and on the Windows.   The phone is set to mCloud synch

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for contacting us. You shouldn't have any problems syncing as long as you're signed in to the same mSecure account on both devices. Go ahead and open mSecure on both your devices. On your iPhone, tap the menu button in the top left corner, then look at the number to the right of All Records at the top of the menu. On Windows look at the number to the right of All Items at the top of the left column. What are the two numbers?

Next, on iPhone, open the menu again, tap Settings, then check the Sync Settings again. Does it still say "mSecure Cloud" syncing? Go to mSecure's Settings on your PC, then click Sync Settings in the left column. Does it say "mSecure Cloud" syncing is active as well?

I can't find my data on the computer msecure website. I changed password and tried to login but I only get the support page.

@Trisha I'm not sure what you mean here. You can't view your information in mSecure on our website. It can only be viewed in the app you install on an iPhone, a Mac, PC or Android device. Do you have mSecure running on any of your devices, and if so, can you open it an view your information?

Regarding the website, you can sign in to your account on our website - - but you'll only be able to see the status of your subscription. Again, there's no way to view your data in a web browser. The account credentials you use for your support account is in no way tied to your mSecure account. They are two totally separate account systems.

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