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Can’t access MSecure - Don’t have old phone anymore! HELP!!!!

Bought a new phone. Old phone has been reset. I NEED ACCESS to my MSecure account as I can’t get into ANY of my apps!! I need this asap!!! Please help!!!! I went from iPhone X to iPhone 14 Pro Max…

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with mSecure on your new phone. What happens when you open mSecure on your new iPhone? Did it get installed when you transferred all your information to your iPhone 14? If so, you will need to sign in to the app again, because our system won't recognize the new device until you have logged in to your account on that device. Is mSecure telling you that your password is incorrect when you try to sign in?

Yes, MSecure got installed when they transferred the info to my new phone. When I try to sign in it tells me I have the wrong password. I’m use to using FaceID for it so I’m struggling. My thought process isn’t what it use to be.. Just FYI… I can still access my OLD MSecure account. It is outdated though. Will that help??
Yes… the MSecure downloaded when they transferred all info from my OLD phone. When I try to access the app it tells me my password is incorrect. I do have access to my OLD MSecure app tho which is outdated. Will this help??

Just for future information, and forgive me if you already understand all of this, but when you upgrade or move over to a different type of phone, all of the biometric information like Face or Touch ID does not get transferred. So for apps like mSecure, your password that's needed to decrypt the information in the app is stored in a secure location on each device, and it's protected by the security provided by the biometric feature. Then when the password is needed, the device will ask you to look at it or touch the fingerprint sensor, and after you are authenticated as the person who owns the biometric information, the password is returned. When you get a new device, in order to keep the sensitive data stored on the old device secure, that information is not transferred over to the new device. This is one of the reasons you have to create new faces for Face ID or new fingerprints for Touch ID. That biometric information gets set up fresh, and then all of the apps that use the feature need to store their information on the new device in order to unlock using either a face or a fingerprint.

It's a bit confusing, I know, and it's not so easy to explain, but it's simply important to know that when you get a new device, you won't be able to open apps like mSecure without knowing the password to your account.

So in the end, if you can't sign in to your account, there is no way to get at the data stored in it. The only way to access it is to enter your password and for mSecure to accept it. If the app doesn't accept the password, that means it won't be able to decrypt the information stored in your account.

If you're sure you won't remember the password, the next best coarse of action would be to use the data you have in the older mSecure app. That will at least give you a good foundation to start from, and then you can add in any missing data as you go. If you can let me know what type of device you have the old mSecure app installed on, I can help you get that data moved over to mSecure 6.

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