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Open Second Account

I would like to open a new account for a small business. I already have a personal account and can't figure out how to open a second account as the app opens on my computer and does't have the option to sign out.  How do I open another account? Thank you!

Hi Suzan,

Thank you for contacting us! There are couple things to go over here before you set up your small business account. The most important thing is, you can only be signed in to one mSecure app on each device. So if you are signed in to your personal account on the computer you're using to sign up for the second account, after doing this, you'll then be signed in to the business account instead. Though this may change in the future, there is no way to sign in and out of multiple accounts easily in the app. It can be done, but you have to delete the database file on a Mac or reinstall the app on Windows, iOS and Android.

Also, if you have a personal account, you do have the option of sharing data from the business account with your personal account using the cross-account sharing feature - Sharing Center. This is something we do here at mSeven Software. For example, we have a shared vault in our company admin account named "IT" and it has multiple records shared with a couple of employees here at the company. That way I can have all my private and company data available in the same account. Is this something you were hoping to do as well?

The main question is, how were hoping to use mSecure with two different accounts? If you can give me some details, I can hopefully help you set everything up to work the way you need it to.

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