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Difference between mSecure, 1Password and NordPass

Hi. It's been a while since I posted here, but I now take the liberty to write something. 

I left 1Password a couple of years ago and went to mSecure. Purchased the Pro version of mSecure v 5, and then upgraded to Premium v6.

I should mention that I have been beta tester not only of mSecure v 6, but also of 1Password v8.

I soon dropped 1Password when it came out of beta. Now that I am soon to renew my subscription of mSecure I of course also tried other apps. The standard ones: Dashlane, BitWarden, Enpass ... and a few more. I even gave NordPass a try.

After dropping all of them, I tried 1Password for 10 days before dropping it. Lots of cosmetics, and to be honest their watchtower is rather nice feature. 

What made me drop them again is the fact that their iPad version is bugged. If you open the watchtower on iPad the app crashes, and you have to delete the app, and restart the iPad and then reinstall it again. 

I have decided that I probably will stay at mSecure once it is time for renewal. OK; 1 Passwordis flashier, probably has a lot of functions that I don't use but mSecure doesn't have. Big different to me is that mSecure feels stable and just works. Syncs well over all my units, including iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

However, I do have some questions:

1. The family plan has been mentioned since forever but so far none. WHEN will it be released, and to what cost? 

2. I now pay 169 SEK/year for a Premium upgrade version. Will I have that option (Premium upgrade) for all future, or will that only be during a limited time?

3. The Security Center seems a bit more barebones than Watchtower. Will I however be able to use it in a similar way, to find weak passwords and change them, including sites with 2Factor Authorisation?

4. Anything similar to haveI been Pawn'd in the pipeline?

Hi Tomas,

As always, thank you for your feedback. The Family Plan is already implemented in 6.1, which will be released as soon as possible. All platforms are feature complete at this time, but there have been a lot of changes behind the scenes that have required a lot of work, and now a lot of testing. As soon as that testing is done, we will be releasing 6.1.

With regards to the Family subscription plan, it will work like this:

  1. The account will receive 5 licenses. The Settings of the app will have a new option displayed where you'll be able to add and remove the different mSecure accounts you would like to have covered with a license.
  2. Pricing:
    1. $4.99 per month with a yearly subscription ($59.99 / year)
    2. $5.99 per month with a monthly subscription

The 50% discount you receive because you purchased a V5 Pro license is a lifetime discount.

For your question about the Security Center, we do have plans in the future to make it more robust, but at this time, they are further down the priority list. We do have plans to make the process of fixing weak passwords more integrated into whatever browser you use, but that is a complicated process we will be working on for some time to get it right. For example, the only way to automatically capture password changes for your online accounts is by using either our Chrome or Firefox browser extension for Mac. What I would like to do is integrate the Security Center into the browser extensions to make password updates more streamlined and much easier to manage.

For iOS it's a different story, because there are no browser extensions, and there is no way to auto-capture password changes in the Safari Password Auto-Fill agent you can use. Android does make it possible to auto-capture changes to account passwords through the Android Auto-Fill feature, and we will be tying into that functionality in the future.

For Windows, browser extensions are in the works, but that is proving to be more work than we had hoped due to the Windows app being a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) type of app. We have plans to change that architecture in the future, but for now, it's not feasible. There are work-arounds to making the extensions work in UWP apps, but it's proving much more difficult to implement than we had hoped.

In the end, we plan to make the Security Center much more useful and integrated with your web browser to at least make it simple to identify and update weak account passwords. We also plan to make these features work nicely for sites with 2FA so that the code is auto-filled from mSecure instead of having to copy and paste.

Finally, we are planning to add "have i been pwned" support to the app, and we have another security integration we'll be adding as well, but the name of the company is escaping me right now. It's a feature that will warn users the site they are on could be a harmful/malicious site. I'm not sure if these features will be in 6.2 or 6.3, but we will be planning those versions shortly, and when we do, we'll update our Features Roadmap to keep everyone posted on what's coming next.

Hi Mike and thanks for this info. I think you are prioritising the right things. Family plan is most important and good to read that it is close to release. Thanks for providing a superb app.

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