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New to this...questions

Hi, I was recommended to use this password saver from my computer guy.

How many devices can I use? 

Can I also have my husband use his own Password saver in his name, without having a separate account. In other words, I want to have the same plan, but separate accounts.

Currently I have no need for all the features that you offer. I just use it to save passwords to websites. 

Which plan should I choose? Is it a contract for a year?

I have my passwords on a spreadsheet. Can I upload them from there?


Nancy Bittman


Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your interest in using mSecure! I'll go ahead and answer your questions one by one below.

  1. How many devices? You can use as many devices as you would like. The license is applied to your account, so any device running mSecure and signed in to your account will be covered.
  2. Husband's use. This one is a bit more complicated, so we may need to talk about it in some detail. If you and your husband will be signed in to the same account, that is totally fine. However, if you want you and your husband to be able to have private data, you will both need separate mSecure accounts. With the way syncing works, if you are signed in to the same account, all data entered into the app will be synced amongst all devices. If you both have Premium accounts, however, you will be able to connect the accounts, and share important information you need to share, and then also keep private data that only you each can see in your own accounts. Does that make sense?
  3. Which subscription? The answer to this one depends on how you answer #2. If you both only want to store private data, then you would both need your own Essentials account. If you want the ability to share some data and keep other data private, you would both need your own Premium account. If you both will sign in to the same account and share all information, you just need one Essentials account.
  4. Can you upload from a spreadsheet? While it is possible to upload from a CSV file, I would not recommend it. There are a lot of formatting requirements you need to follow, and the templates in mSecure have to be set up to handle the data you're importing. It would be much more simple to enter the data manually, which has the added benefit of getting used to how the app works in general.

One question, are you saying you have been adding your passwords to a spreadsheet yourself, or did you export the data from a different password manager? If you did export it from a password manager, I may amend my answer to #4 depending on what password manager it was exported from.

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