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mSecure Premium Sharing Question

Does the new version allow individual records to be shared?  

Hi Beoleary,

Thank you for contacting us. One of the core features of mSecure Premium is "Cross-Account Sharing" that gives you the ability to share only the records you want to share with other mSecure users. The one thing to keep in ming here is that all accounts that share the data have to have Premium subscriptions. This feature isn't supported in the Essentials plan.

If you can give me more details about your context, I can help further in explaining how things would work. For example, are you thinking of sharing data with a spouse?

Yes exactly with my spouse. I don't want to share everything, just our joint account information, etc.

Hi Beoleary,

Do both you and your spouse have mSecure accounts already, and if so, are they both Premium accounts? If so, you should have no problems sharing only the information you want to between those two accounts. You can follow the guide here to learn how to start sharing information using shared vaults: Sharing Center

I’ve added my two children to share my account. They’ve accepted. How do I get my accounts out of ‘private’ to shared vault?

Hi Jackie,

You can learn all about how to share data between accounts here in this help article: Sharing Center

If you have already connected the accounts, meaning you see those users in the "Users" tab of the Security Center, the next thing you need to do is create a vault and add those users to the vault with whatever privileges you would like to give them. Next, you simply edit various records and place them in the vault you created.

Don't know how to move accounts from 'private' to my vault...private has 52...vault has do I move them into vault??? Thanks...

I've added users to the vault but the accounts as still private...

Hi Jackie,

The article I sent you a link to goes into details on how to do everything related to cross-account sharing. In the section entitled: "Adding Records to your Vaults."

In order to add a record to a vault, simply edit the record you want to share, then tap/click the vault button just under the Title to add it to the vault you are sharing. After you save the record, it will be added to the vault.

Thanks for your patience !!  When I edit the record, I don't see a vault button under the Title.  What does it look like?  

Under the title it says 'secure note' or 'private'.   Am I in wrong site????

Hi Jackie,

No problem at all! I'm here to help =)  You're almost there. The vault button is what is labeled as "Private." In mSecure, every record is in a vault, but the vault that only your account can see is what is known as the "Private" vault. If you tap "Private," you should see your other vault, or vaults, show up in a list. You can then tap whichever vault you would like to add the record to and save the changes.

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