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Unlock mSecure with Apple Watch


I have set up mSecure  on my MacBook for unlock with Apple watch and now want to use this great feature. When I open mSecure on the Mac,  I immediately get the message: "mSecure is trying to unlock. Approve with Apple Watch to allow this." The message looks great, this is what I would expect to get, but what do I do next? Press some button on the watch? When I open mSecure on the watch I don't seen any button, message or anything else I could click/touch in order to unlock mSecure on my Mac. 

Please advise and thank you in advance,

Aco Vidovic

Hi Aco,

In order to unlock mSecure on your Mac with your Apple Watch, you have to double-click the button below the crown. It's the rectangular, sort of inset button, that you use to bring up your main credit card to use Apple Pay.

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