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Downloading app and syncing issues

I just bought the mSecure app yesterday on my desktop and spent time to enter my passwords, etc.  It is my understanding that I can then use the same app on my android Samsung phone and on my laptop which is  Windows based .  The syncing with my Samsung phone went smoothly enough once I figured out how to access my root directory ( I plugged the phone into my laptop and did it that way), but I have been confused by the download to my app.

In the mSecure website it seems to indicate that it is better to download the app directly from their web site rather than from the Windows store.  But when I followed their link it brought me to the Windows store.  So how am I supposed to download the app to my laptop so that it can sync with my phone and desktop?  Can anyone help me with the information I need?

Hi Phyllis,

Thank you for contacting us. One thing to clarify here is that you cannot sync your information between mSecure apps by connecting devices via a USB cable. It might be that the sync via the mSecure Cloud took a little while to complete, and you only noticed that after you plugged your Android device into your PC, but the syncing did not happen via the USB cable. I say that to let you know that you should never connect your devices together via hardwire to try to sync data between mSecure, because that isn't supported.

The one thing I need to know is whether or not you found a backup and then restored that backup instead of letting the information sync via the mSecure Cloud. Again, if you found a backup file and then restored data from that file onto another device, you should not do that to sync information. When everything is working as it should, the data you enter on one device will automatically sync over to the others that are running mSecure.

Also, mSecure is only able to be downloaded from the App Stores on each device. On Windows, you would download it from the Store app on your PC, and on Android, you would download it from the Play app. There is no way at this time to download mSecure from our website.

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