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Can I change password without knowing the password or do I must account reset?

I wanted to change my msecure password on my laptop.  I changed it on iPhone and iPad (not using face recognition) . Somehow the laptop thinks I have a different password which I don't know so I can't change it without knowing old password.  Do I have to do an Account Reset and will that wipe out msecure on iphone and ipad?

Hi Donald,

Thank you for getting in contact with us, and I'm sorry for the delay in my response. As long as you are able to get into mSecure on your iPhone and iPad, this should be a simple fix. Real quick, when you change your password on one device, you have to enter the old password on the other devices first, before the change will take effect in that mSecure app. So on your laptop, what happens if you try entering your old password first? Does it tell you the password was changed, then put you back to the lock screen? If so, now try entering your new password.

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