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Any chance of having MSecure widgets for IOS? I realize that the app must be opened with a password or some other biometric, however to just have a small widget to open the start screen after authorization would be awesome. Then I could just hide the widget in a stack.

Hi Don,

Thank you for contacting us and for the feature request. We may be able to do something like this, but we would need more information as to why it would be helpful. In this case, it would seem like the widget would simply be a different shortcut for opening mSecure. Is that correct, or is there some added benefit I'm not understanding? Even if you could have the widget on the iOS lock screen, you are still having to tap the widget and then unlock your device (if it's locked). It seems like that would just allow you to tap the icon to open mSecure before unlocking your device, but it doesn't actually save any taps. If mSecure was on your first page, for example, you would normally just have to unlock the device and then tap on the app's icon.

It's very possible I'm missing something simple here Don, so please let me know if I am. If there's some added benefits to making a widget for mSecure, we would definitely be open to implementing it.

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