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Unable to log into mSecure6 after reinstalling app on Android phone that crashed.

Hi.  I had to recently re-install the mSecure6 app on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 edge) after an accidental reboot and loss of all apps.  It was working seamlessly with my computer app until the re-install.  Now when I log in, it goes to a screen that quickly flashes and then the app boots me out to my phone home screen.  The screen that it quickly flashes to has a button for 'use camera' and button for 'Export.'  I am unable to read the rest because the app quickly closes.

I have tried turning sync off on the computer app and reinstalling phone app without success.  I found that every time it boots me off, the permissions revert to "no permissions allowed."  I allow all permissions, log in again then it boots me out and permissions revert back to "no permissions allowed."

mSecure is my lifeline on the job and I have had it for many years.  I hope you can help.

Hi Rafael,

It was a pleasure working with you via email! We'll keep correspondence there from here on out until you get things all set up and working on your new phone.

J'ai exactement le même problème

Salut Nicol,
Malheureusement, nous ne savons toujours pas quelle est la cause de ce problème. Pour une raison quelconque, il n'affecte qu'un très petit nombre de clients, et nous n'avons donc pas pu obtenir d'informations valables pour nous aider à identifier le problème.

Avez-vous essayé de supprimer mSecure, de redémarrer votre appareil, puis de vous reconnecter à votre compte ? Si oui, que s'est-il passé après avoir fait cela ?

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