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Too easy to swipe down and lose new post

 I've just tried adding my first note in msecure on my iphone. It's my first taste of the new interface. I'm a bit alarmed that it appears that swiping down, instead of tapping on the tick, results in abandoning the post entry, which may have a lot of laboriously entered content. I assumed I'd find it in a Drafts or there'd be an Undo, but unless I'm mistaken, an accidental swipe down on the post entry abandons and deletes the post, no questions asked, no warnings. Have I missed something?

Hi Dougie,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what you are saying here. When you enter data into a new record, you can't cancel out of that entry by swiping up or down. When you are in data entry mode, then only way to get out of that mode is either by tapping the button in the top right to save the changes you have added, or by tapping the X in the top left. What do you mean exactly when you talk about abandoning the post entry and tapping on the tick? Can you write out in steps what it is you are actually doing?

Also, for clarification, if you were using mSecure 5, mSecure 6 works almost no differently when you are entering data for a record, either for a new record or making changes to an existing record. I'm not sure which version of the app you are coming from, but v5 and v6 are very similar in how they operate.

Hi Mike,

It's msecure 6.

"When you are in data entry mode, then only way to get out of that mode is either by tapping the button in the top right to save the changes you have added, or by tapping the X in the top left"

For me I find I can touch and drag on the New Record text in between. I can reproduce it using the following steps as an example on an iPhone.

1. Open app

2. Tap on big + on blue circle background bottom right of screen.

3. Select Login (although I found it happens with all options)

4. On New Record screen, start entering data.

5. After some test data, touch and hold in the middle of New Record at the top of the display. X for close window is on Left, and Tick for save is on Right. Drag down.

I've done a video that shows this but it was tricky to redact the screen data (i.e. I'm not that familiar with shotcut - quite sure it's possible and easy). So the video starts at step 3 and finishes at the drag down.



Hi Dougie,

I see what you're talking about now, and thank you so much for the video. I was confused by the term "scrolling," but I totally get what you're saying now. The reason you can pull down on the window is because of the dialog UI element we used for creating new and editing existing records. With those types of dialogs, like you see when you tap the menu and then tap Settings, the X button in the left corner is really just a way to tap to close instead of pulling down to close. Both the tapping of the X and the pulling down of the dialog perform the same "cancel" action. It's just one of the ways those types of dialogs work. We haven't heard of other customers having problems with this, so I'm not sure if or when this control will be changed. I will definitely keep it on our radar, however, and it's possible it will be changed in the future.


Just to add my 2 pennies worth in. I personally haven't had a problem with this and wasn't even aware of it, so it causes me no bother leaving as it is. However, I do see the OP's point of view. The swipe down can be confused with some other apps (namely Apple ones like Mail) where you can drag down to see the screen behind it to get some info and then drag the front screen back up again and carry on editing. These screens are usually indicated with a small grey bar icon at the top which yours doesn't have. Like I said, I can see the OP's confusion. If by dragging down there is no 'draft copy' that you can go back to, then with balance of risk it probably is better to have the 'x' as the only way to cancel to reduce the possibility of cancelling by mistake as per the OP's use case of typing a lot of info into the notes field and losing it.

Another possibly implementation would be if you do drag it down then a 'draft' copy is automatically saved, i.e. save the record as far as the user has edited it, if they drag down instead of pressing 'x', then save the record and put a '(draft)' in the title to indicate it wasn't saved properly and at least the user can go back and carry on if needed.

Anyway, just my thoughts. It hasn't been an issue for me, one of those minor refinements to make it more polished.

Hi Mike,

"because of the dialog UI element we used for creating new and editing existing records."

I think it's just New records where this behaviour exists. If I try editing an existing record the edit window is, "full screen" rather than an overlayed window.


@Ai As always, thank you for your feedback!

@Dougie The reason it's different is because the edit view is preceded by the record details view. That means that when you tap the edit button, the screen is simply ready to have its elements changed to edit mode. When you're on the records view and tap the + button, you aren't already on a record view, so a new screen has to be brought in.

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