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Upcoming roadmap timescales

Hi Mike, loving v6 at the moment. Was wondering if you could share the upcoming timescales with future feature additions? Appreciate you don't want to trap yourself into broken promises, really wanted a broad idea of whether some features will be coming this year. I'm personally interested in the Family Plan and also retaining password history (never realised how much I needed this until recently!).

Also will the upcoming iOS16 present opportunities for new features as well?


Good to hear you from you Ai! It is our goal to have 6.1 released next month, and so far, the one big feature in that version will be Multi-Seat licensing. That will come in the form of a Family Plan, of course, but for companies that want to use mSecure, we'll be implementing a way to add a more flexible amount of licenses to meet their needs. There will be other features, of course, but that's the big one we're focussing on now.

For iOS 16, we don't have any new features planned specifically, but we are looking closely at Passkeys. Since we have been focusing on making v6 solid after the big release, we haven't been able to put a lot of focus on iOS 16 yet, but as we get closer, we'll have more to say on any plans we have for it. Is there something in particular you were hoping for based on what you have read about the new iOS release?


Thanks for the response as always. No, nothing in particular re: iOS 16 it was more curiosity and being nosey! Looking forward to the implementation of the Family Plan! Do you know if the password history will also be part of 6.1?

No problem at all Ai! You know, the developer and I were talking about the Password History feature, and I do believe that will be included in 6.1. I'm not for certain on that, but I will know more definitively over the next couple of weeeks.

Hi Mike, hope you are well. Just seeing if you are any nearer with 6.1 release? Would love to see the Family Plan and also password history like I mentioned a few months ago.

I am also eager to expand my use of mSecure to a family plan.  I'll be happy to pay a higher annual subscription for this feature.  It seems that version 6.1 is taking longer to develop and release than you anticipated (we're about 3 months past when you thought it might be ready for release).  Is 6.1 still in the works with family sharing as the key feature?  Any idea how long before release?  Is there a beta testing group or something we can do to help you with the test/release process.  Thanks!

@Ai I'm sorry for the very, very late response! We have been working hard on the 6.1 release, and I missed your post. We are getting very close to being feature complete for the 6.1 release. The only thing we left to work on now is a Password Recovery feature, which will allow users to opt-in for account recovery. This is a very tricky feature to implement, because there are always tradeoffs with security when you allow for account recovery, which is one of the reasons we have never implemented it in the past. As soon as that feature is done, it's just testing and finishing up work on the website to get it ready for the Family and Team subscription plans.

@Mike, no apologies necessary! I've been on these forums long enough to know that you wouldn't deliberately ignore posts without good reason! Can I ask if you implemented the password history in 6.1, that's something I would really like to see in it aside from Family subscription.

@Forrest Thank you for contacting us, and this first major release is taking longer than expected. This is mostly due to the work it took to get through a certain period of time after v6 release. Most of our resources were engaged in trying to keep up with support and creating bug fixes that are always needed after a release of that nature. Now that everything has calmed down, we're back to our normal development cycle, so things are moving forward nicely for the 6.1 release. As mentioned in my response to @Ai above, we only have one more feature to implement, then it's just testing and website work for the new subscription plans. I don't have a date for the release, but we're doing everything we can to have it ready before the end of November.

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