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Family Plan question

Will the upcoming family plan work with WiFi syncing?

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for contacting us. I see you have a LOT of other posts about this same question in the forum. I'm going to answer the question here and then delete the other posts. We'll keep any discussion needed in this thread moving forward.

Wi-Fi syncing will work if you have a family plan. However, what I believe you are getting at is will cross-account sharing work. If that is your question, cross-account sharing will not work via Wi-Fi. Cross-account sharing only works using mSecure Cloud syncing.

What will work is each of the different accounts will be able to have multiple devices signed in to it. All of those devices will be able to sync with one another via Wi-Fi syncing.

Thank you for the response and sorry for the multiple posts. I couldn’t tell if the posts went through or not. What I am looking am for is to have one license (family plan) that allows my wife and kids to have their own login and set of passwords. Preferably all synching over Wi-Fi. Whether that is all to one “server computer” or each to their own “server computer” I am less concerned about.

Hi Joshua,

I believe everything will work the way you need it to. The only thing you won't be able to do is make use of the Cross-Account Sharing feature, which doesn't work with any sync feature other the mSecure Cloud syncing. Each account will need to have a desktop computer running mSecure, which would be the main computer or server for the data stored in that particular account, then all of the other devices will be able to sync with to that mSecure app.

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