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How do I import a .mcss file from a Dropbox???

I have a .mscc file from a Dropbox in mSecure6???  I see all kinds of sync functionality if the data has already been keyed into mSecure, but I am looking for a simple "Import File From Dropbox" and I don't see anything like that.  When I "Sync" mSecure6 just creates a backup file with Zero records in it

Hi Cliff,

mSecure 6 cannot make use of the Dropbox sync file created in mSecure 3/4, which is what a .mscc file is. However, this probably doesn't matter, because I'm hoping you'll have v3 or 4 installed on at least one device. Do you currently have access to your data in mSecure 3 on a desktop computer or mSecure 4 on a mobile device?

I do have access to my Secure 4 on another device.  I have now successfully installed mSecure 6 on the previous (Android) device and imported the data from mSecure 4 into mSecure 6 on that device.  I then linked mSecure 6 to Dropbox and backedup the data.  What I don;t see in mSecure 6 for IOS that I do see in Android is a Restore function. 

Hi Cliff,

If you are using the Dropbox sync feature, you should not restore your data from a backup. As long as you signed in to the same account in mSecure on your iPhone as you are on your Android, and as long as both mSecure apps are connected to the same Dropbox account, your data should have already synced in from mSecure on yoru Android device. Are you saying that syncing is not working?

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