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Sync seemed to work fine for us for years. What happened?

Good morning,

My wife and I have had mSecure on our iPhones for years and they have been happily syncing password additions and changes between them with no apparent issues. mSecure has been AMAZING. However, sometime in the last few months and likely since v6 it has stopped. Now it requires a main computer to sync to and mSecure on that main computer has to not only be started but logged in to. I wish I knew what changed. Is the old syncing capability now only in a premium version. I don't mind paying but just need some feedback. I am 90% sure we used wifi syncing in the past as I prefer not to use the cloud but maybe I am mistaken. I guess my most pressing question is is there a way to not be logged in to mSecure on the main computer (a Mac) while allowing it to process sync requests in the background? Seem to defeat the purpose to be away from my computer and have it logged in to the app. THX

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure why you think it's likely since v6 that the syncing stopped. Is there something you have read that tells you you should expect to experience sync issues in the newest version of the app? The Wi-Fi sync feature is identical in mSecure 6 as it was in mSecure 5. Nothing has changed. In mSecure 5, you had to set a main computer, and that is because in mSecure 5 we made it possible for desktop computers to sync with one another via Wi-Fi. In previous versions, that wasn't possible. The mobile apps would have to sync with each and every desktop computer in order to keep the data in sync. So in order to make sure one computer is the "server" for the system, it has to be set as the main computer. mSecure 6 simply does the same thing as mSecure 5.

So mSecure 6 isn't the problem. Do you have a main computer set the Sync Settings on one of your computers? If you don't, none of the "client" apps will sync with the desktop app. If you don't have a main computer set, what happens when you click the checkbox in the sync settings on one of your desktops to make it the main computer?

Thanks for your time.

Glad to hear no relevant changes happened between v5 and v6. To answer your question, I was only going by timing of when my issue started.

Best I can gather now is that the whole time I thought I was wifi syncing in v5 (because I prefer local syncing) I was actually using mSecure cloud.

That is why it seemed seamless to me. Once I upgraded and choose wifi sync, any wifi syncing trouble I was having seemed like something new broke but it was just me.

As you recommended I looked at the settings on the Main Computer and it appears to be set up correctly. After 10 min it was auto logging out and syncing would stop.

As long as I disable auto-lock, am running mSecure on the Main Computer AND am logged in to mSecure everything works fine.

Can you confirm this is how it is intended? I understand that mSecure needs to be running on the Main Computer but was hoping that the Main Computer could do its syncing job without me being actively logged in to mSecure in case I am away from my computer.

I suppose using the computer screensaver auto lock instead is a possible workaround.

thx again

btw, I understand that using cloud syncing agin would fix my issue but I've always preferred local syncing on any app because I'm not sure how any end user like me can know that encryption is actually taking place as advertised before data leaves my device. Is there a way for an end user to know this as a certainty or in any app  by any developer or does it ultimately come down to a "only use companies you trust" thing?  I'm honestly curious because cloud syncing has many advantages.

Take care  

It sounds like everything is working correctly now, so that's great news! At this time, the server, or main computer, has to be open and unlocked without the Settings being displayed in order for the syncing to work between itself and a client app. There is no way for this to take place in the background. I haven't tried the screensaver trick you mentioned, but that's a great idea that I'm sure would work.

With regards to your last question, I totally understand where you're coming from, and it's really difficult to prove or, more importantly, see what's happening with the data that gets synced to the cloud. I get that even if you trust the company you are working with, it's still not very reassuring when you can't actually see the encrypted data before it leaves your device. I believe it's possible to install network tracking apps on all your devices, and if you were able to do that, you should not only be able to see the URL mSecure is connecting to when it syncs, but you should also be able to see the payload it's sending. If so, you would be able to see your encrypted data in JSON form (sorry if that word doesn't make sense) as it's being sent to the mSecure Cloud. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with any of these types of apps, so I don't have a good recommendation. I have heard of a few customers doing this in the past though, so I know the apps exist.

Though I know it's not enough, I do want to confirm that it is our policy to never transmit your data over the internet in an unencrypted form and that all sensitive information stored on our server is encrypted with your account key. That account key is only stored locally on your device. It's not stored in your mSecure account. Because of this, the encrypted data stored in your account can't decrypted without brute force attacks even if someone were to get access to it somehow. No one, not even us here at mSeven Software, have access to the information stored in your mSecure app.

Much appreciated additional info regarding security.

Looks like I am good to go now.

We have really enjoyed your program over the years.

Thanks again. 

No problem at all!! Please let me know if you need further assistance or have other questions.

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