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Family Sharing with MSecure 6

I've got a very light use case for the kids, they keep bugging me for their game passwords which I have stored in mSecure 6 (premium tier).

I created a vault to share with them, then realised that each of the kids will need a premium account too.  I could use the native Apple Keychain for this, but it would be nice to have an option in mSecure for family members (that have a limited number of passwords to manage) without needing a full premium license (should be a tier that exists between free and premium for very light usage scenarios).

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Same here. I logged in yesterday and saw someone else's plan, and when I log in today, yet another plan. Yikes indeed

I tried it after seeing the previous couple of comments and I'm seeing the same thing! Logged in and saw someone else's plan :-(

Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for reporting this. I don't know yet why this is happening, but it is something we have experienced before. I'm in contact with our website administrator now and he is currently looking into the issue.

One thing to be aware of, there is no way to view another account's information on our website. There is absolutely no private or sensitive account information available when you view an account on our website. This is in no way attempting to downplay what's happening as it needs to be fixed right away, but I do want to be sure anyone who has experienced this knows that none of their data or payment information is ever displayed on the site.

I'll update you here in this thread when I have a response from our site admin. Thank you all again for reporting this!

Mike, I did see an option 1 time to update a payment or even cancel it for the other user I saw when I logged in. Obviously I did not do either of these. But for me, knowing my subscription renews tomorrow and that I'd like to upgrade to the Family plan, I'm not sure what to do because it seems like I'm unable to do this. I purchase all of my licenses through your website, not the Apple store. Suggestions? (Hoping nobody logs in and sees my information and then cancels my subscription. That would be horrible.)

@Barry I should have mentioned that in my previous post. What you mentioned is the only nefarious activity that could be done to an account. The payment information can be changed, which I'm not sure why that would ever be done since they would be choosing to pay for another person's subscription, but the subscription could be cancelled. In that event, we would simply have to fix up the subscription again, but there would be no loss of data or anything like that. It could be a big inconvenience, though, which is why this issue definitely needs to be fixed ASAP. Our site administrator is working on it now.

For your request to upgrade your plan to a Family plan, that is not something you can do yet in your Account Overview page on the site. However, I can do that for you if you would like. If you would like me to do that for you, go ahead and email me at "" After you send the email, message me here in this thread to let me know it was sent. I'll find it in our email support and respond to you as soon as I see it.

@Mike - email has been sent. Thank you!

Thank you Barry. I just responded to your email.

@Mike - I just sent an email about Family Plan to the support email. I have a family of 6 and you had mentioned previously to contact you about how to accommodate that. Can't wait to get the whole family on Msecure! Thank you!

@Joshua I just responded to your email, so we'll keep our correspondence there from here on out.

Hi Mike,

My yearly plan and my wife's monthly plan renew on the 17th April, but I am not seeing any Family Upgrade options in the Apple Store. 

Through your store,  I am not seeing any financial incentive for a family of two.



@Glen Can you let me know what you are referring to when you say you see no Family Upgrade options in the Apple Store? I did just check our listing, and I noticed the Family Subscriptions are not mentioned in the "In-App Purchases" content, but the options are available in the mSecure app.

Also, if you wanted to upgrade your subscription through Apple, you would need to do that in the "Subscriptions" section of the iOS Settings app and not in the App Store app. To check there, open the the Settings app, and tap your name at the very top of the screen. In the Apple ID screen, tap "Subscriptions." Do you see mSecure listed in there as an active subscription? If so, what do you see when you tap the subscription? Are there options to upgrade?

For your other question, there really is no benefit other than license management when there are only two people using mSecure. A Family license is exactly the same price as 2 single Premium licenses, so you're really getting 5 Premium licenses for the price of 2. Again, it is convenient to have the one subscription covering and managing the 2 different licenses, but there aren't any savings until you get 3 people using the app.

If you do want to get upgraded to a Family license, if only for the licensing convenience, we can do it. I'll wait for your answers to the questions above, and we'll continue working on it.

I could not find the option to upgrade to a Family Account on either Subscriptions in iTunes or in the app itself.  I sent an email as well to the support email mentioned in the thread along with a question so that I do not screw up my families other accounts.

@Kelly If you already have a subscription, you won't see the option to update that subscription in the mSecure app or in the App Store. That's not the way the system works at this time. We may make it possible to change the subscription from within mSecure in the future, but Apple most likely won't make it possible to do in the App Store because they handle this type of process in the "Subscriptions" section of the "Settings" app.

If you are on an iPhone, please find and open the "Settings" app. Tap your name at the top of the "Settings" screen, then tap "Subscriptions." Do you see an mSecure subscription there, and if so, what do you see when you tap on that subscription to manage it?

@Barry While it's never a bad idea to make a backup of your data, and I do appreciate the post, I'm not sure why you're posting the reminder here in this thread?

Also, while there were fundamental changes to the architecture of the app in 6.1, you should have no problems with your data after upgrading. The app makes automatic backups, unless you have turned off access to iCloud Drive for mSecure, so your data should be covered in the event of an unforeseen glitch in the update. If you have turned off access to iCloud Drive for mSecure, then it would be best to make email backups very consistently even if there are no updates in the near future.

@Mike, Ah! I just learned more about mSecure and backups. I didn't even realize the backups were automatic. Yet another reason I like this product so much. Thanks Mike! I'm going to delete that post. :)

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