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Family Sharing with MSecure 6

I've got a very light use case for the kids, they keep bugging me for their game passwords which I have stored in mSecure 6 (premium tier).

I created a vault to share with them, then realised that each of the kids will need a premium account too.  I could use the native Apple Keychain for this, but it would be nice to have an option in mSecure for family members (that have a limited number of passwords to manage) without needing a full premium license (should be a tier that exists between free and premium for very light usage scenarios).

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@Barry and @Forrest We're now back to our normal development cycle after the v6 release, so things are moving forward nicely for the 6.1 release. We only have one more feature to implement, which is a password recovery feature uses will be able to opt-in to, then it's just testing and website work for the new subscription plans. I don't have a date for the release, but we're doing everything we can to have it ready before the end of November. Also, just to be clear, Family subscriptions are the main focus of this release. That feature, as well as a Team subscription that allows for a varying number of licenses, are already in the newest builds. So in 6.1, you will for sure be able to sign up for a Family subscription.

Thanks for the information Mike. Hope to see 6.1 by the end of November. Rather have a little delay on a release with no problems than an early release with problems. Cheers!

Thank you very much for your feedback and patience @Barry!

Mike, any word on 6.1?

@Joshua mSecure 6.1 is getting very close to release, but we have experienced some unforeseen delays. We are working one final feature that attempts to aid users who forget their password, but it's a very tricky feature to get right, and we're not sure right now if it's going to be able to make it into the next version. Other than that, all we have left is testing, of course, and we're also finalizing changes needed to the website. I can't see exactly when it will be released, but it is very close.

It's the giving season and to get this in the hands of my family members who are actively looking for alternatives to the recently compromised "other guys"/LP, it would be great if this was ready ... yesterday! How can we subscribe to "breaking news" updates for when this is available?

Hi Jason,

We are trying to get 6.1 released before Christmas, but we're not sure if it can be done right now. We're still working on the Account Recovery feature we would really like to get into this version, but it's proving to be VERY tricky. We don't have a "breaking news" email list, but that is really good idea. I'm going to get that over to our marketing person right now to see how long it would take to create.

Hey Jason, one thing I did want you to know, even though we don't have a "Breaking New" email list, we will be sending out emails to all our current customers letting them know mSecure 6.1 is close to release. In that email, it will detail the new features and should have a release date. I would imagine we'll send out another email after the release just to make sure everyone knows about the release.

Great! Hope to see new of the feature soon.

Hi Mike,

Happy New Year to you, hope you had a good Xmas. Any update on when 6.1 will be released? 

@Mike … any updates on 6.1 and family sharing/plan?

@Mike  I am looking for an eta for 6.1 as well.

@Mike I am looking for an idea on when to expect the family plan option.  Will it be in the next release?  I am trying to get my teenagers to learn to use secure apps and I have been a premium subscriber as well as a user before you changed models.  Please advise.  One of the reasons I have liked the app is your communication and dedication.  Thanks!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the late reply to everyone, but things have been very busy here. We ran into some complicated sync optimizations which had to be completed before the 6.1 release, so that has added more time to the testing. We're still in the process of optimizing for shared vaults that contain very large number of records and hope to have it completed soon. The soonest 6.1 will arrive in the Stores is the beginning of next week, but I would say the first week of March is the more realistic timeframe.

We will be sending out an email very soon letting everyone know the release is nearly ready. Then when we release it in the app stores, we'll send another email letting everyone know it's available to the public.

@Kelly 6.1 will introduce the Family plan, so you'll be able to get your kids using the app soon! In case your or others are curious about the cost, here are the details:

  1. 5 Premium seats (licenses) will be included with the plan
  2. When paying monthly, the family subscription will cost $5.99 per month
  3. When paying yearly, it will cost $4.99 per month ($59.99 per year)
This is great news. Will there be an option to buy more that 5? We’re hoping to add our adult/senior parents so we can share key credentials with them as well as our kids. Thanks for the update!

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