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Transferring data to new phone

I have done everything that I know to do and none of my data from my Pro5 account will transfer to my new phone. Please help. 

Hi San,

Thank you for contacting us. Can you let me know what happens when you try to do whatever it is you are trying to do? Since I'm not sure what it is you have tried, or even if you were able to sign in to mSecure on your new device, I have absolutely no way of knowing how to help.

I have downloaded the app on my newphone which immediately downloaded version 6 and my old phone was version 5. I have a PRO account. When I log in on my new phone NO data is there. If I login should my data be there?

Hi San,

I was able to find your account, and I think what might be happening is that v6 can't sync in data from a v5 sync file. However, in your account, I noticed you had a Mac signed in to your account at some point. Do you still have mSecure running on your Mac?

Yes, I still have the Macbook. 

Hi San,

It's good to hear you still have the MacBook. Do you have mSecure installed on that device, and if so, do you know what version you are running? What happens when you open mSecure on that device? Do you see your information?

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