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mSecure freezes on iOs after entry change

I am using mSecure 6.06 (873) on iOS 15.4.1 on iPhone  and iPad Air. This problem is occurring on both my iPhone and my iPad.

I will make one or two changes to an entry and then mSecure freezes. Or I make a change and can save it but when I go to another entry, I cannot do anything.  I must get out of the app and close it.  When I start it again, it will take longer than it usually takes to open up - sometimes it takes so long that I close it and open it back up and hope it will come up in a short time.

I saw in another post instructions for sending you the analytic logs so I have attached those.  the attached zip file contains all the logs created today - the iPad logs were marked as such the rest are from my iphone. 

Hi Brahna,

I'm not sure how I missed your post, so I'm very sorry for the long wait in replying. I have sent your crash logs along with the description of your issue over to our developer, so I'll get back to you as soon as I have heard back from him on what to do next. 

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