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transfer data from old phone to new samsung phone

i need assistance to transfer my data from my old samsung phone to my new samsung phone i just received

Hi Sammy,

Thank you for contacting us. If you download mSecure onto your new phone and sign in to your account, the data should sync over after connect the new app to your Dropbox account. Have you downloaded mSecure onto your new phone, and if so, what happens when you try to sign in to your account?

One last question for now, do you still have access to your old phone?

yes i downloaded msecure to new phone.

it did not want to restore


i still have old phone

i deleted msecure from new phone and reinstalled it and now i was able to transfer my data.

however i have a "Essentials account 29 days remaining in premium trial "

i purchased the premium app for $29.99 why do i have to purchase it again?

Hi Sammy,

It's great to hear you were able to upgrade and transfer your information. With regards to the purchase, I'm going to need to get information about your account. First, can you let me know how you purchased the subscription? Did you sign up from inside the Windows or Android version of mSecure?

I'm going to have you check the username in mSecure's Account Settings on each of your devices. I don't know all the different platforms you use, so I'm sending you the instructions for all of them. When you respond, please tell me the different devices you are using next to the email you see in the Account Settings of each app.

To find the email address for your account, follow the instructions below on each device running mSecure.

For the mobile app (iOS/Android):

    1.    Tap the menu icon in the top left of mSecure's main view

    2.    Tap Settings at the bottom of menu

    3.    Tap Account Settings

For the Mac app:

    1.    Open mSecure

    2.    Click "mSecure > Preferences" in the menu bar in the top left of your screen

    3.    Click the "Account" tab

For the Windows app:

    1.    Click the settings icon in the bottom of the left column

    2.    Click Account Settings

If you don't want to write out your email address here in the forum, please send an email to "" with the information requested above, then let me know here that you sent it. I'll get back to as soon as possible.

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