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On Mac where on my hard drive is the data stored?

The other day I missed typed a command and started deleting all my files. I have a Time Machine Backup and I am trying to find the msecure file so I can coping back to my computer, but I can't find it. I have been trying to go to ~/Library/Containers/com.mseven.msecuremac/Data/Library/Application Support/mSecure as it was talked about in this post, but I can't find the Containers folder. Please any help would be helpful. Thanks!

Hi Natalie,

Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to answer if you don't have the mSecure app installed. If you do, and if you are able to see mSecure in the TimeMachine backup, the easiest thing to do would be go into the moment you need to in the TimeMachine backup, open mSecure, click the "Help" menu in the top left of your screen, then hold down the "option" key on your keyboard. You'll see an option to open the data file in Finder, and that's the option you should click to find mSecure's database file.

That would be great if my Time Machine Backup would let me open it from the backup.

I found a way to open the App, I copied it from my Time Machine Backup to my computer and stated it up but I can't get pass the sign in because it mSecure 5 and it wants me to update it version 6.

Hi Natalie,

It's great to hear you were able to copy the mSecure data from your Backup. Since it sounds like you have already upgraded to mSecure 6 on another device, that means mSecure 5 can't read the data stored in your account online. However, if you upgrade to mSecure 6 on your Mac, you shouldn't have any problems signing in.

I reset all the settings on my iphone and can't remember my password. I can't open the app on any other devices because it wants my new password. If I have a back up copy can I import that version to a reset msecure?

Hi Irene,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. The problem here is that the backup file that gets created is secured by the password you were using when the backup was created. So in this case, if you have a backup, that backup is encrypted with the same password you can't remember, and the only way to restore data in a backup file is if you enter the password for your account. In the end, there is no way to restore data in mSecure if you don't know the password that was used for your account when the backup was made. I'm sorry I don't have better news Irene.

If you would like, I can help you get mSecure set up on all your devices to make sure everything is working correctly moving forward.

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