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mSecure Windows Font size too big

I have just migrated from Passwords Plus to mSecure 6.  The font size for the titles/entries is very large compared to the font size for the actual data such as Username, etc.  I would like to decrease the title/entry font to something more resembling the data font such as Username.  

I do not see a way to do this but I am new to the application.  Is there a way to do adjust the font size?

@JSeow Thank you for chiming in here and offering feedback on this part of the app. It's much appreciated.

@Richard Thank you very much for the email with the screenshots. It made sense what was happening, and I responded explaining thing via email.

One thing to add to my email, because I still may have misunderstood something about the titles being missing, since mSecure is UWP style app (only can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store), it functions this way on purpose. UWP apps are meant to be installed on a large number of devices which vary greatly in size. Because of that Microsoft developed UI behaviors to unify the experience on the different devices. For some, it's great, and for others, they hate it. We decided to go with a UWP style app back when Windows 10 was released because they were telling everyone it was the way of the Windows future. That claim is no longer true, so here we are.

So, with a UWP app, when you shrink down the size of the window to certain points, apps snap to a different mode. In this case, it's thought that the app is getting displayed on a smaller screen, so it minimizes the left menu, only showing icons, and then it removes the right column. At that point, you're in a 2-column mode with a very thin left column. Again, it's just the way Microsoft designed UI for Windows 10/11, and we follow their guidelines closely.

As I mentioned in my email, it's on our radar to port the Windows app over to a WPF style app, but I have no idea when that might happen (or if it will happen as there are so many other things we need to work on). If/when that happens, I would think this part of the app would become more flexible. 

@Max Please do send screenshots, as they are always helpful. If it's that you are asking similar questions as Richard, I'll simply send you the response I sent to him via email =) 

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