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change the language

how to change the language from french to german on mSecure5 iOs 


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Hi Jan,

In order to change the language for mSecure, you can do so by changing the language on the device, or if you are using a new version of iOS, you can open the Settings app (not mSecure), find mSecure on the first screen, tap it, then tap "Language" in the "PREFERRED LANGUAGE" section.

How to change the language from French to English 

@Peter You can only change the language for mSecure through the System language settings in the device's OS. There is no way to change it from inside the mSecure app. Does that make sense?

If you have tried to change the language through the system settings, and things don't look right, please describe what is going wrong, the type of device you're using and what exactly you are expecting to see happen.

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