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Icon change


For some reason, when I added a new record and used the website, once I've saved it, a whole load of other records have been overwritten by the same Yahoo icon next to it. I made the edit on the Windows Desktop version. The iOS version was fine and didn't copy down the same Yahoo icon to other records.

Is there a reason for this and a remedy?

I seem to recall @Noelle had a similar issue recently but I couldn't find her post about it.

Hi Ai,

This is a known issue, and it's caused by having "https://" at the front of the URL. It shouldn't be a problem, but it's a bug our developer was able to finally weed out. We have a new build we're getting ready to publish, and it has a fix for this issue. Since you're a beta tester, Ai, you should have access to the new build now. Can you check the store to see if you have access to build If you don't have it now, please check back throughout the next couple of days, because you should get access to it soon if you don't have it already.


Thanks, that's good to hear. I've just checked the store and no update (currently on I'll keep checking next few days.

I'm assuming that the update will fix the icons or do I need to do anything myself to revert it to what it was.

Thanks for the speedy response!

No problem at all Ai! The new build is designed to fix the issue automatically when you install it. So any record that's showing the wrong icon due to it having "https://" in front of it, should get the correct icon without you having to do anything at all. Also, the fix isn't to remove "https://" from the front of the URL, as that shouldn't have been a problem to begin with, so your URLs won't be affected.

If you could confirm for me that the issue is fixed after downloading the new build, that would be very helpful. Oh, also, the Microsoft Store shows that it's being published right now to the mSecure Beta channel, so I'm hopeful it will be available very soon.

Thanks for this Mike. I shall let you know as soon as I get the update over the next few days.


Mike, I've got the update ( and can confirm its fixed the icon issue to what I expected. Thank you!

That's great news Ai, and thank you very much for confirming this for me!

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