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MSecure crashes! Upgrade is not!

iPhone 8+ 15.4.0 MSecure version unknown Crashes upon opening. Before I could at least pick an entry and it would crash on viewing. The only difference is I am paying for a subscription. Maybe I should go back to a stable but free level. Any ideas on how to get to my secure info?

Hi Mark,

I'm not sure what you mean by going back to a stable by free version. You have a v5 Pro license on your account, so you paid for the previous version. Also, to clarify, paying for a subscription did not cause the app to start exhibiting a problem. You have simply run into a bug, and we'll do everything we can to fix it.

After looking at your account, it shows you have signed in to it with at least one iOS and Mac device. Do you have access to your information on your Mac by chance?

Yes the Mac works

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the clarification, but I need to make sure that the Mac version not only works but that you can see all your information in mSecure on that device. When you open mSecure on your Mac, do you see all your information?

Yes, I can see my entries

Ok, what I need to do now is get some information from you. I'm going to have you send us crash logs to see if that can help the developer figure out what's causing the crash to take place. In order to find mSecure's crash logs on iOS, you can follow these steps:

    1.    Open the "Settings" app

    2.    Tap the "Privacy" option

    3.    Tap "Analytics & Improvements" near the bottom of the "Privacy" page

    4.    Tap "Analytics Data" near the top of the "Analytics & Improvements" page

    5.    Locate entries that begin with "mSecure" (there may be a LOT of crash files, but they are stored in alphabetical order)

    6.    Tap on the newest entry, then tap the share button in the top right and send the logs via email to ""

    7.    Tap on the 2nd and 3rd newest entries, and send those as well

    8.    Select all the log files, then right-click on them to compress them into one file before attaching them to your next response either here in this thread or via email at

After I have the crash logs, I will send them to our developer. Hopefully they will lead to a quick resolution of the bug you are experiencing.

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