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Export to CSV without pipes and record IDs


I am moving to a different password manager and need to export to CSV. The new password manager needs a plain CSV file with the raw data - I can adjust the columns myself. However, msecure appears to also insert pipe characters (and field types?) and record IDs into the CSV -- this is meaningless outside of msecure and I would have to manually remove this information from over 1100 entries. Is there a way for instruct msecure to export the raw data without pipes and record IDs?



Hi Terrence,

At this time, there is no way to instruct mSecure to remove the characters we use for the CSV formatting. I can talk to the developers about adding this as a feature, but it's likely it will take some time before it would be added to the app.

Thanks for the quick answer, Mike. Obviously not what I was hoping for ;-)

No problem Terrence, and I'm sorry I didn't have a better answer for you on this one.

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