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Android Phone Not showing files

I was using mSecure 5. I had to redownload it on my Android phone and know shows version 6. I can see it on my Windows PC and got the QR Key. It does show my account and profile but none of Files are showing.

Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately, I'm not understanding what you are saying here. What can you see on your Windows PC? Are you able to see all your information in the app, or are you seeing the QR code in the Account Settings? The first thing we need to do here is make sure you are able to see all your information in any version of mSecure on at least one device. I'm hoping that what you're saying is you can see your information in mSecure on your PC, and if that's true, then I just need to find out what version of mSecure you're running on that device, then we can get everything working.

First, are you able to open mSecure on your PC and see all your information?

I can see everything on my Windows PC. On the main page it shows mSecure6, but when I go into settings/ account/ account  type it shows Essentials (v5 Paid). On my Android Phone it shows mSecure 6 and the same thing when I go into settings/ account/ account settings under account type it shows Essentials (v5 Paid).

Ok, I'm hoping this is simply a filtering issue. To make sure no filters are set and all records are visible, please follow the instructions below.

For Android:

1) Tap the menu icon in the top left of your screen to bring in the menu

2) Tap "All Items" at the top of the list, then close the menu

3) Look at the star in the top right of the main view. Is it yellow in the on position? If it is, tap it to disable the favorites filter.

For Windows:

1) Click "All Items" at the top of the left column

2) Look at the star in the top right of the middle column. Is it yellow? If it is, tap it to disable the favorites filter.

Unfortunately I have no favorites marked and both PC and Android phone are showing the blue outlined star. So that's not my issue.

Hi Jeremy,

Ok, I think I know the problem now, and it should be fixed if you download the newest version of mSecure from the Google Play Store. The issue is there was a bug keeping mSecure from syncing in the Android version of the app. We just published to the Play Store yesterday, and that fixed the Dropbox sync problem.

After downloading the new version, are you able to sync in your information now?

Unfortunately, that didn't work. In the Play Store it keeps downloading Version, with account type as Essentials (v5 Paid). I will give it a couple of days and then redownload it. Maybe the new build just isn't pulling up yet.

Hi Jeremy,

Do keep checking for the new build in the Play Store. It should be available very soon, and when it is, you should have no problems syncing.

Thank you Mike. The new version is on the Play Store and resolved my issue.

That's great to hear Jeremy, and thank you for confirming the fix! Take care, and please let me know should you need further assistance.

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