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Passwords Plus Customer wanting to Share w/ Family using mSecure ?

Question:  Does each of my family members have to have a paid yearly subscription in order to share my passwords ?  

As a 67 y.o. husband and father, I want to make to make sure that my family has access to my passwords numerous passwords for the sake of "senior planning".  If I should die or get sick, I want my family to be able to access my accounts, devices, etc..   Considering I am now a Premium customer of mSecure (migrating from my long time favorite Passwords Plus considering they are ending support and will no longer by offering sync services after 2022) I really would like a family economical plan to share passwords.  The way that I understand it now, each family member would have to sign up for their own mSecure account costing  each of them the yearly subscription fee.  In order to circumvent this, the only way I understand to accomplish this is by providing each family member with my original account username and password.

Thank you for any insight you can provide.  If Family sharing requires each family member to have their own paid recurring account, I would highly suggest that the individuals at mSecure come up with a Family discounted plan.


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Further to the question by Jeffrey, can my wife or child have a free mSecure account and can I, with my pro account, share certain of my passwords with either or both of them, or do they need a pro account also? I am 78 and also planning for my demise and thought I could share important passwords (bank, Tax account, etc.) with both of them.

@Jeffrey and @David Thank you for contacting us and welcome to mSecure! Each person who is using mSecure only has to have their own account if they want to have private information. For example, say you and your wife will share most information, but you have about 10 records each that have to be private and can't be shared. In that case, you would each need to have your own Premium account, then set up Cross-Account Sharing in the Sharing Center, and add data to shared vaults. That process is explained in a help article I will post here if you need to go this route. If, on the other hand, you both are ok with sharing 100% or the information stored in the mSecure account, you both simply sign in to the same account, and all you need is an Essentials subscription in order to keep the data in sync moving forward. This would apply to any immediate family member as well. As long as you are ok with sharing 100% of the data stored in the mSecure account, you can all simply sign in to the same account and pay for one subscription.

Soon, we will be adding a "Family Subscription" tier to mSecure, and that will provide a pretty significant discount if you have 3 or more members in your family using mSecure. When that is available, it will probably still be cheaper to simply pay for two Premium subscriptions if only you and your wife plan to share information with each other and need to keep certain parts of your database private as described above. For sure, if you have a family of 5, and all of them will be using mSecure with their own accounts, then a Family Subscription will be much cheaper than each person paying for their own subscription.

To be clear, the Family Subscription is not available yet, but we're starting work on it now for the first feature release in mSecure 6. We will be letting everyone know when that release is available and what will be included in it. At this time, if you were to need two Premium accounts, I would purchase the monthly plan, then when the Family tier is released, you can simply move over to it when the next month's subscription expires.

Does that all make sense? If there are other questions, or if something I said is unclear, please let me know and I'll provide more information. 

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