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Moving from Passwords Plust to mSecure Import issue

Good day folks, I'm not happy about loosing Passwords plus at all but when given no choice you do what ya gotta do. 

So I'm here and the first issue to appear is a special import feature for PWP users seems to be only available if we purchase on of the version of mSecure. 

Since Msecure is offered as a trial and that's exactly what I need as I'm going to be talking to a lot of my clients I want to fully vet this transition first. I down loaded from the MS store for Windows PC and the only option I saw to import was from some previous versions of mSecure. Obviously that dosen't help. 

How can we complete this import from PWP? 

I saw no other import options once setup was completed. 

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Ok so I found the option to import from PWP in the settings under backup and restore. 

Exported my PWP as instructed to a CSV format and imported. Not even close to importing correctly :(

Any one else have that issue>? 

Mike R

I'm not sure what happened with the import, but I can try to help with getting your data straightened out. The problem we have here is, if the importer didn't work correctly, to fix up the formatting to something mSecure understands can take some work. Also, it should be noted that for most people's data, the importer should work well. I'm not sure what you mean when you say it's not even close to importing correctly, so that could be to a more complex structure set up in Passwords Plus. Do you want to try to reformat the data for mSecure's CSV import? If so, you can follow instructions here: V6 CSV Importing

The import is not working correct for me either. It only imported 167 out of 519 records. The suggestions to try putting these records into the standard import format defeats the purpose of why I purchased msecure. I have used Dataviz for about 15 years with no issues and regret having to switch. To be honest there are several available password manager apps on the market, and I actually get one free with my Norton Suite. I chose msecure because of the import so I would not have to worry about manually entering data or creating a csv file myself. If the import doesn't work, then it makes more sense to review other password managers (1password, Roboform, NordPass, Dashlane,.etc) and choose the one that best fits my need.

Same here.  The import is not working properly.  Only a few of my records were imported.   Hope you can provide a fix for this.

Was this import fully tested with DataViz Tech Support? I only imported 86 of 496 records.

I have the same issue with only 57 of 375 records imported. Very disappointed since I have already purchased the Premium version assuming that the PWP notification about a seamless transfer was going to work. Please provide a fix or I will be seeking a refund.

Same here - 45 out of 330 records imported. mSecure have a week to sort this or I want my money back. (I couldn't even get a support account as the sign-up page Captcha widget was not functioning correctly. Desperate.

I'm trying to import from PWP and, after using the importer, I find that many records are apparently missing in mSecure 6. When I look carefully I find the missing records are attached to the bottom of the display, under the  "Note" section , of some previous adjacent record  in mSecure. These "missing" records appear as a concatenated bundle ie not separated from each other - in a small font, under the "Note" section. After the "bundle" the import appears to become normal until it gets to the next "bundle". In Excel all of these records are all on separate rows and therefore should all appear as separate records in mSecure. Don't know what's causing this or even how to manually correct it? Help would be appreciated, please.

I agree with the above comments.

I love Passwords Plus, am sad to see them withdraw, and on their recommendation downloaded mSecure.

I followed the backup CSV procedure, and can see all of my entries in the CSV file, but only about 20 out of 500 loaded into mSecure when I did the backup process.

Hope for a fix before I commit to the yearly fee.


same problem.

only about 20 of 500 entries loaded into mSecure after I followed the process.

Hope for a fix before I subscribe to mSecure.

I will miss Passwords Plus!

Same problem initially, 30 of 462 records imported, so I looked at the Passwords Plus .csv file and noticed a problem with the export of notes if they had a field with more than one carriage return in it (which I will call ‘2 or more lines’).  I therefore deleted the 30 imported records from mSecure and took all entries with notes or fields with 2 or more lines out of the .csv file (copying them to another excel sheet) and imported some 370 records without notes or fields of 2 or more lines.  That worked.  I then deleted all note columns from the second sheet as well as any column with 2 or more lines, and tried to import that.  The import failed when using the Password Plus import system, because it was not in the Password Plus format, so this time I deleted all the successfully imported .csv records leaving only those not originally imported, then deleted all fields with 2 or more lines, and imported successfully those records not yet imported, and now have all my 462 records transferred, but now have to enter manually the data excluded.  It will be less than 100 manual copy and paste transactions and I can tidy those up by removing extraneous data.  It is possible to avoid the worst of the enforced transfer but I very much regret the need to change.  I would have preferred Data Viz to have started a subscription model!

Thanks W.

I'll study that and try it.

I tried the changeover yesterday. It looked great  till I tried to read the incoming files.  and that was a complete  no can do.  The left hand column  indicates there are 187 item's  which is about right.. But grayed out and nothing shows up in main window....... I am thinking it might be a problem with windows 11, which I am using.

W, you are on to the issue but If DataViz and mSecure are working together and or one or the other this issue needs to be and most likely can be fixed. 

I say your notes are spot on because I have many records with multiple lines in the notes field and when imported one of the records had multiple listings of those notes. It was as if it took all the notes from a set of records and combined them into this one record. 

I don't have time to re work a spreadsheet to fix that kind of problem let alon close to 50 of my clients that use PWP are depending on me to fix this. 

I'll sit tight a bit longer to see if mSecure can get a handle on it. 

Mike R - OP

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