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I have paid for mSecure 6 for my iMac and for my iPhone 12. Does my license allow me to install my licensed version on my wife's iPad Pro or does that require a separate purchase to use it on her iPad?

OK I EXPLAIN AGAIN FROM THE BEGINNING PLEASE STOP EVERYTHING ELSE FOR 5-10 min to read On 6 of may i read new update and my account ( is going Essential so everything was good but when my daughter excitedly delete Msecure app and I downloaded again i can log on with my account.I dont know way ask you IT TEAM (Cut be because my email is not regularly like yahoo , gmail, hotmail) I don’t know but all my password and everything is gone and again how i can have essential account bit in same time i was not existing on your system again question who have to ask your IT TEAM BECAUSE I NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG! I use only this email ( I DONT HAVE ANY ANOTHER EMAIL!!!!!!!! I pay for this account £26 and I WONT IT BACK PLEASE ON SCREEN SHOT YOU CAN SEE ORDER ID AND EVERYTHING ELSE I CONFIRM 1 million TIMES I DONT HAVE DIFFERENT EMAIL THEN STOIAN_S_@ABV.BG So i dont know what else i have to explain to you to understand is not my fault i lost all passwords when i add in mSecure app THE LAST SCREEN SHOT WHO I SEND WAS FROM NORTON PASSWORD MANEGER TO PROOF YOU TO SEE THERE THE ACCOUNT FOR mSecure app registered !!! I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE I HAVE TO DO TO CONVICT YOU TO BELIEVE ME I NOT DONE ANYTHING ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING JUST WONT TO GET THIS WHO ALL READY PAY !!!!!!!!!
Hi I started again to understand what happened So on may when is coming new updates for people who pay £25.99 is transfer to essential account so my one was essential with email( When my daughter deleted accidentally mSecure app after when i downloaded again i can log on with my email address and password I don’t know what happened but definitely was not me i lost all data in mSecure app my account was not working and all this because probably your IT TEAM NOT DO THE JOB PROPERLY AND I DONT KNOW FOR WHAT REASON (maybe because i dont have usual email like yahoo, gmail, hotmail) The last screenshot who i send you i was from NORTON PASSWORD MANAGER APP when i save all my passwords and registrations before i bay mSecure app and i try to show what account i create it to remain my in case i forget my account details.I DONT HAVE ANOTHER ACCOUNT SO IAM SURE I NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG AND IAM 100% SURE THE MISTAKE IS FROM YOUR SIDE SO CAN PLEASE FIX MY ACCOUNT PLEASE

@Stoyan There is nothing you have told me so far that I don't understand. You don't have to tell me to stop and read what you are saying, and you don't have to use all caps, because I have read every word you have written and I am listening. You need to listen to what I'm saying now. The problem is, what you are saying is not making sense. Before you write anything else in your next post, I need to explain how mSecure accounts work, and I need you to let me know you understand.

There can only ever be one mSecure account for any one email address. You are telling me, and I can see in our system, the you created an mSecure account using your "" email address on May 6th 2022. If you already had an account in our system with that email address, you would not have been allowed to create that account using your "" email address. There absolutely cannot be two accounts in our system using the same email address. It's literally impossible.

Also, before you mention having deleted the mSecure app from your device, please understand that it doesn't matter that you deleted the mSecure app. Your account in our system does not get deleted when you delete the app from your device(s). In fact, we don't ever delete account from our system. We only deactivate them. What I'm saying is, you didn't delete your mSecure account when your daughter deleted the mSecure app. We didn't delete your account either, because we don't delete accounts.

Does that all make sense to you?

Whatever account you may have had in the past was not using your "" email address. That means that if you were using mSecure 5 previously, you had an account using a different email address. I need to find that account if it exists.

Before we do anything else, can you let me know that you understand what I'm saying? If you don't understand and still think that your account was deleted, please let me know, and I'll try to be even more clear.

I understand what you say please you understand aswell you not talk with low brain person ok Next i create the account after my daughter was deleted the mSecure app because i can log on with my account and password I completely understand if the app is deleted was not mean was delete from your DATA BASE but the fact is i can log on and when i registered again with same details I realised symthing is happening wrong i don’t know what but 100% not my fault i know for sure one thin before 3-4 mount it was happening again and in that time when I downloaded the mSecure app and log on with my details was fine i dont what else i have to say or do to convict you to understand me !!! Plus i’am 100% sure you can track me by IP address and you can found if i try to lie and i have multi accounts I nothing to hide i’am completely fine to checking what ever and if proof i lie for symthing or been dishonest i happy to pay you £1000 compensation for the trouble Never in my life been so sure i not done anything wrong!

@Stoyan I'm not trying to say you have done anything wrong. We are dealing with a language barrier here, so I'm trying to write things out as clearly as I can to make sure we are communicating effectively. Many of the things you are telling me do not make sense, and I cannot help you until I am sure I understand the situation. At this point, I still do not understand what has happened.

Also, I am not trying to say you are a dumb person, I am simply trying to help you not only get access to your account but also help you retrieve your data. What we have not been able to talk about yet is that even if I were to add a license to the account you just created, your data will not come back. The account you created is a brand new account. It does not have your old data stored in it. The license on your account is the least of our concerns here. Right now, you do not have access to the information you stored in mSecure. At this moment I do not know how to retrieve it, because I cannot find the account you were using before mSecure was deleted from your device.

Does that make sense?

For now, please do not worry about your license. We can work on that at any time in the future. The problem right now is that your data is gone and we need to find it.

Do you have access to a backup of your information that would have been created in mSecure before the app was deleted? 

Yes but in different app i have all passwords and registration on Norton password manager and that was i bay mSecure app aswell if anything happened like now (my info is lost on mSecure app i have Norton password manager and i transfer all information again in mSecure app soon when my account is come again essential)You tell me what to do now ?

@Stoyan Thank you for the extra information. I understand why you might want to use a second password manager, but that is totally unnecessary with mSecure. mSecure not only stores you data in a cloud service like the mSecure Cloud, Dropbox or iCloud if you have an iPhone, so backups are continually created and you can restore your data from those backups in the event something like this happens.

If you have your data in another app, that is good news. The problem now is, I have to figure out what is going on with your account. It cannot disappear from the system without a trace. You have just created a new account using your "" email address, which means you did not have an account before this using that email address. Do you have any idea what email address may have been used for the account you were signed in to?

There is one other thing I can have you check since you are using an iPhone. Please open the "Files" app on your iPhone, and tap "iCloud Drive" under "Locations." In the "iCloud Drive" screen, tap the "mSecure" folder. You should see at least two folders there, and they will each be named with what appears to be 10 random characters. For each folder that you see named with 10 random characters, please sent me those characters. So if you see 2 folders, you should send me 2 sets of 10 characters.

Hi i send screenshots and you tell me what to do next?

@Stoyan Ok, I was finally able to figure out the problem, so thank you very much for the screenshots. You do have two mSecure accounts. The first account was created back on September 23 of 2021, and it has a v5 Pro license on it. That account has the email address of "", which is different than the "" address you used to create your new account just a few days ago. There is an "s" after the @ symbol instead of an "a". What you need to do is simply delete mSecure from your iOS device, install it again from the App Store app, then sign in with your "" email address. After you do that, you should see all your data sync in to the app.

After you do that, I'll need to help you get the right email address set for the account. IS @sbv or @abv the correct letters for the account?

The problem now is this email address( not valid what i have to do now ?
Is any chance to transfer my license and my backup data to or is impossible? The problem is i make mistake when I write email address on my account and this email ( does not exist!

@Stoyan It doesn't matter that the email address has a typo in it. If you sign in to the account using your "" email address, you should be able to sync in your information. After that, I can help you with getting the email address corrected on the account.

Were you able to sign in to your old account, and if so, did your data sync in?

Yes i log in all data was there but what i have to do to update my account is not let me to do that because is all ready exciting

@Stoyan It's good to hear you were able to get signed in to your account and get your data back. I just disabled the new account you created, so now you should be able to change the email address for your account to "" Were you able to change the email address?

Yes I changed but from now iam able to log with my email address

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