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mSecure 6 License

I have paid for mSecure 6 for my iMac and for my iPhone 12. Does my license allow me to install my licensed version on my wife's iPad Pro or does that require a separate purchase to use it on her iPad?

Hi Bill,

Thank you for contacting us. If you and your wife want to share all the information you both store in mSecure, you are free to sign in to the same account. The license covers all immediate family members.

Hi i paid for lifetime license in mSecure long time ago and now show me 18 days left what happened when this 18 days finish i have to pay for premium license?

@Stoyan mSecure has never had a lifetime license, so I'm not exactly sure which license you purchased. The way licensing works for mSecure 6 is if you had purchased an mSecure 5 Pro license, you would get access to the v6 Essentials tier at no cost. Then, if you wanted it, you could purchase a yearly Premium license for 50% off. However, that offer only extends to the purchase of a v5 Pro license, because it was v5 where we introduced mSecure accounts, and that license is applied to the account, so we can easily see that you made the purchase.

Does that all make sense? If you set up an account in mSecure 5, can you let me know what email address you used? I tried to search for one with the email address you're using here in the forum, and I couldn't find an account in our system.

All my respect of you and your team but for my point of view is look like that if is one time of payment and i can use the pro version of app is lifetime license very simple you CANNOT charge me £25 and after 1 or 2 years change you main if is one time payment ot unlock pro version is mean ONE TIME PAYMENT very simple! You wont to see my payment look the attached file

@Stoyan Like I said, if you purchased an mSecure 5 Pro license, which is what you are showing me that you purchased in the attached photo, you don't have to sign up for a subscription, and you won't be charged repeatedly. You have an mSecure 5 Pro license on whatever account you used when you purchased that license, so now you have an mSecure 6 Essentials account.

Am I not understanding something you're trying to say? Did you check in the account settings of mSecure on your devices to see what type of account you have? Does it say you have an Essentials account? If it doesn't, that means you are signed in to a different account than you were using when you purchased the mSecure 5 Pro license you showed me in your last post.

The problem who i have is simple i was registered with but i can log on i know my password but is say username or password is wrong i need assistance about it! I don’t use different email and still i can log on !Can help with that problem please
I was working and my daughter deleted accidentally and when I downloaded again i can log on my my details and i’am 100 sure about my password and email address because i keep save in another password app like backup so can please help me with this issue please
Now I registered again with same email address I received QR CODE on my email address but is show me not essential account can please sold out this issue please! You can see very clear on attached file top left corner witch email address use so i hope so you can help with my problem thank you!
And another proof about my account look on attached file my account registration and when was last modified

@Stoyan You can't create a new account using the same email address that is used on a different mSecure account. The system doesn't allow it. You have an account now using the email address you are showing in the screenshot you attached, but that was created today. Do you have the email address you used for your previous account, so I can check the license on it? If so, can you provide that email address for me?

This is only email address i have I don’t have any another emails i dont know what happened but i have only 1 email
Even all corespondent i get notifications on same email address because i have only this email address
I’am still wait to resolve my issue please!

@Stoyan I'm still not sure what's happening here, but the screenshot you showed me is not the mSecure app. Also, you don't have an mSecure account with the email address you are using here in the forum. I have to be able to find an mSecure account in order to check the license on the account.

As I mentioned before, you cannot create a new mSecure account using an email address that already exists in our system, so before May 6th 2022, there was no mSecure account in our system using that email address.

Can you let me know what app you sent me a screenshot of in your previous post? I'm attaching it in this post in case you're not sure what I'm referring to. That app isn't mSecure, but it does look like a password manager.

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