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I do not want to keep the premium

I enjoyed my original msecure.  I find the new upgrade difficult to navigate and edit passwords. I do not want to pay a monthly fee.

I have been an mSecure user for a few years.  I'm happy with the MSecure5 I bought.  I haven't downloaded the upgrade since I don't need any 

of the new features.

I'm not clear what you plan to do with my plan.  Please advise.

IMPORTANT: If you have already purchased a V5 Pro license, you do not need to purchase a subscription for mSecure 6. You will automatically have access to an Essentials Subscription at no cost! This subscription tier contains all of the features you currently use in V5, so you will not lose any functionality. for more information, visit our pricing breakdown.



@Sharon Did you sign up for a monthly subscription? If you had a v5 pro license, you don't have to pay for anything when you upgrade to v6.

@John I checked your account, and it has been upgraded to a v6 account, so you must have upgraded to the new app on at least one of your devices. If you have a v5 Pro license, you don't have to sign up for a subscription. You get an Essentials license at no cost, which gives you access to all of the features you had in v5. If you look at your Account Settings in each of your mSecure apps, if it's signed in to the account with the email address you are using here in the forum, you'll see that it tells you have an Essentials account.

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