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Tags on Windows version


You changed the groups to tags - so far so good

On my iPad I still have the same view as before just with tags where I have my list with all my tags/groups so I can all find like before.

Unfortunately that doesn't exist on Windows anymore. There is a menu point tags but I have always to choose on and than the menu dissapears. The same window like on iPad would be great...

Clicking on showing groups in the menu shows me a month but for what can this used for? I see absolutely no sense in that option?

Hi Frank,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. The tags filter in the left column works just like the groups filter did in mSecure 5. You should be able to click "Tags" in the left column, then a menu should fly out showing you a list of all the tags you have in the system. After that, you can click one of the tags in order to see only records with that particular tag on it. The only thing that changed from mSecure 5 is that item in the left column is called "Tags" instead of "Groups."

What happens when you click "Tags" in the left column on your PC? Do you see a list of your tags, and if so, what happens if you click one of them?

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